Muslims Hide What They Are

Political correctness dictates that we accept the lies and deceit that Muslims spin to deflect from their true objectives, which are conquest, subjugation, and tyranny. They are quick to miscast factual history in a way that obfuscates their bloodlust.

Specific to my point, Owais Shad commented on my Facebook: “u r gonna say muslims launch atom bomb on hirushima nagaskai in ur future article . plz dont spread hatred.muslims r peace loving but there r certain people who r not muslims but call themselves muslims and do these activities and disgrace muslims.respect every person”

My response to him in part was: “Every quantifiable fact proves Muslims are not peace loving agrarians and that goes back for millennia.” Another person explained in detail the history of Muslims spread across the last 1,400 years. Realizing that his attempt at twisting history and portraying the righteous actions of others as evil wasn’t going to work he hushed himself.

As for his contention that Muslims respect every person perhaps he should qualify the Muslim definition of “person.” Because the millions of “persons” Muslims have butchered, raped, sodomized, tortured, and sold into slavery over the years, would probably disagree with him.

His response was an example of how Muslims try to justify their hatred by falsely comparing their actions to those of others. I recall officers in my Marine Corps League explaining that the atomic bombs dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima saved millions of American lives. It should be noted that President Hoover hadn’t declared jihad against the Japanese. The Japanese paid the price for their ill-advised slaughter of innocent Americans and destruction of American property.

Muslims belong to a bloodlust cult of terrorism and mayhem. Wherever there is a Muslim, there is terrorism and violence. Muslims portray the Crusades as an act of aggression against an innocent pastoral and agrarian people. Nothing could be further from the truth, which is what I explained in detail to a Muslim woman who tried to make her point by bastardizing the Crusades.

Muslims kill, murder, maim, and terrorize because that is what they do. They deceitfully ingratiate themselves into civil society vis-a`-vis interfaith services and the like. They are more adept at misrepresenting what they factually are than the drag queen, RuPaul is at concealing he is a man.

Another example would be their attempt to claim that 20 million Muslims had marched against ISIS and it went unnoticed. (See: 20 Million Muslims March Against ISIS and They Mainstream Media Completely Ignores It; SatayaRaj; 6/10/2017;

Despite the claims, and I’ll get to those momentarily, there is no chance on earth that 20 million Muslims organized and marched on ISIS. While it would not be impossible, it would be a logistical nightmare. Imagine the 19.795 million people of New York State coming together to march on Washington, D.C. Where would they put the people? How would they transport the women, children, infirmed, the old and the impaired? How would they feed them? How would they care for them? Where would they go to the bathroom? And does anyone believe the march could take place in two days?

The article claimed that: “In one of the largest organized marches in the history of the world, tens of millions of Shia Muslims made an incredibly heartening statement, by risking their lives to travel through war-stricken areas to openly defy ISIS. This massive event that would have undoubtedly helped to ease tensions in the West was almost entirely ignored by corporate media. … Women, men, elderly, and children made their way to the city of Karbala on Sunday and Monday last week for the holy day of Arbaeen. Arbaeen is the event which marks the end of the 40-day mourning period following Ashura, the religious ritual that commemorates the death of the Prophet Mohammad’s grandson Imam Hussein in 680 AD.”
But as one reader noted: “So…Shi’a Muslims speaking out against their enemies, Sunni Muslims, is Muslims speaking out against Islam, the Qur’an, the Hadiths, and intrinsic murderousness? … Vying tribal factions is supposed to illustrate that “Muslims are speaking out against terrorism?”

They weren’t marching for peace nor were they marching in condemnation of Muslim terrorism in the Middle East and around the world. They were marching over some insult caused by the murder of their false prophet’s equally debaucherous son. I don’t think the world is worse off because there is one less pedophile pagan propagandist in the world.

However, I will tell you what the mainstream media did take notice of, and that was the fact that a Muslim peace march against terrorism held in Germany this past weekend had more journalists than marchers. It is speaks volumes that more journalists showed up for a Muslim peace march against terrorism than there were marchers.

We have seen the price America has paid for banishing God from the public square. We have seen the price America has paid because a court ruled it was legal for mothers to murder their unborn babies. And we are not far from seeing the ramifications of allowing the family to be perverted into that which it was never intended to be. Is America now willing, in the face of all objective proofs the world over, to allow Muslims to reach sufficient numbers to make a political and judicial difference to our peril?

I know there are those who think I am stirring the caldron of hate but I remind rational minds that it wasn’t that long ago – I was warning people that the day pastors would be imprisoned for preaching the word of God. Was right around the corner

I’m not speaking out because I hate Muslims. I’m speaking out because I love America and our people. And history has empirically shown that Muslims do not assimilate into the culture that welcomes them. They find ways to conquer it.

Mychal Massie


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