Jesus Wasn’t a Socialist

Try as I might, I can’t wrap my mind around  Christian Democrats who abandon a lifetime of biblical study based on thousands of years of Christian tradition, apologetics and commentary by anointed teachers, preachers and prophets, in favor of a heretical “gospel” based solely on their misinterpretation of the words of Jesus when he said to “judge not” and “feed my sheep”.

Do you really care so much about those less fortunate that you can defend the burning lust of same sex attraction, the desperate, murderous trauma of abortion or the theocratic butchery which is fundamental Islam?

I seriously doubt that you do.

What I believe you have done is created a doctrine that suits your own desires. You don’t want anyone to judge you for the life choices you have made and you want people to continue to care about you, so that’s what you have created.

“Love everyone and don’t judge!” is the cheese in Satan’s rat-trap of anti-Christian heresy.

Even Aristotle said that “tolerance is the last virtue of a dying society”

When all you have left is to let others do as they please, in hopes that they will, in turn, leave you alone, you have lost your vision; you have lost your zeal; you have lost your way.

Scripture is clear that the saints of God are, and have been, judges for thousands of years. The Bible tells us that we will one day judge angels and are more than capable of judging fairly and accurately the matters of this life.

If your faith has become one of “live and let live” you have lost track of the great commission, the race you were once running well has become a fools errand to excuse your own desires for disobedience, with the humanistic validation of the lost souls you are supposed to be turning towards the cross as a crutch.

The millstone that you are hanging around your own neck goes unnoticed and unmentioned by both you and the none-the-wiser sheep you are supposed to be tending.

God help you Christian Democrats when wiccans and astrologers agree with you.

God help you when riotous, violent anarchists agree with you.

God help you when tyrannical, theocratic, demon driven worshipers of false gods agree with you.

God help you when 60 million dead babies blood cries out to God and it’s your name they report to the eternal Judge.

God help you when you so badly want to be left to your own sin that you would lead others down the slippery slope of God’s wrath right along side you instead of daring to show them to the foot of the Cross of Christ, the only way to heaven.

God help you.

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