Socialism Is A Perpetual Lie

Socialism and communism presuppose that their system represents the true order of the ages and is the answer to man’s problems.  This assumes that man’s problems are not spiritual but material, not sin but environmental.  Change man’s envirornment and you remake man.  The answer is therefore not the spiritual regeneration of man but the reorganization of society by the scientific socialist state.

Basic to the theory of scientific socialism is its infallibility concept of the only perveyor of truth and reality and the perfect social order.   If failures occur in scientific socialist states, it is not their fault, it is the fault of those hostile people,  the deplorables, the remnants of the capitalistic class, or traitorous members of the party. And, because they can not accept blame themselves, they must wage a war against someone.   Someone is guilty, but not socialism itself.

In the U.S., inflation is a product of the federal government’s departure from a hard money standard, from gold to paper and a product of its debt living or deficit financing.  The guilt for inflation is essentially the federal government’s guilt but the blame is instead shifted to the private sector:  labor is creating inflation by demanding higher wages and business is inflationary because it demands higher prices for goods, etc.   The demands of capital and labor are, of course, the results of inflation and their steps to protect themselves against it, but the policy of socialism is to ascribe all guilt to the people, and all wisdom to the state, in every crisis.

Propaganda is another means of disguising the problems associated with socialist policies.  The government merely changes the methods it uses to compute unemployment and inflation, hoping  the “peons” won’t notice;  blacks are  kept economically disadvantaged by whites; whites are racists because they critize a black president; social programs are suffering, not because government spends more than they receive but because the rich aren’t paying their fair share, ad nauseam. 

Socialism is incapable of solving any problem it addresses in the economic sphere because its premises are unsound and wholly in error, its conclusions are consistently failures.  But, once again, since socialism is by definition the scientific answer to problems of society, socialism cannot blame itself therefore they must wage perpetual blame as its answer to perpetual failures.

Socialism can not build a viable living social order, it can only kill the order it seizes or inherits. They must  cause disorder within the country, turn citizens against citizens in order to continue their control and when that doesn’t work, the use of force becomes the norm.  Force is defended and upheld as necessary to suppress the enemies of the people and to protect the government from destruction.

Jean-Paul Sartre in “Critique of Dialectical Reason” wrote that  terror is the “very bond of fraternity.”  Terror is made a moral principle and an inevitable requirement of history.  As a result it is practiced as a necessary and moral requirement of scientific socialism.  Incredible brutality, barbarism, savagery, and degeneracy become the products of scientific socialism in order to keep control.   It is a perpetual threat to the people.  The more a government approaches total socialism, the closer its approach to total terror against its citizens.

Socialism breaks down the will of the people until it has total control.  It destroys the will of the people to work to better themselves and as a result, the socialist regime begins to grow weaker and the result is all the greater slow down in agricultural and industrial production which creates a further decline in the economy.   This decline creates a major crisis and the socialist leaders must give the people some reason to believe that there is hope of a change, a “thaw” in the social terror and oppression.

A cow, after all, will finally give no milk if it is not fed and so the masses, like human cattle are given enough fodder to make them productive again.  Their previous suffering is blamed on bad underlings, poor managers, etc.  Stalin placed the blame on minor officials were were “supposedly” too eager to attain perfect socialism overnight.   In 1930, Stalin attempting to deal with the forced collectivization of all farms, declared that the policy was “voluntary, but officials were using threats and pressure.”  It was after this statement that millions were starved to death for resisting collectivization, but Stalin had by his statement, cleared himself of responsibility and encouraged those who were hostile to feel freer to make a stand. Khrushchev also gave promises of a thaw, and then launced into the vicious terror in Hungary, and began to wage war against Christians.

The purpose of these brief thaws and breathers are strategic – serving to give dispairing populace hope for a change, creating a deviation from socialist policy only for the purpose of reinforcing that policy.

In Socialism, truth is at all times a central casualty.  Since there is no truth apart from the scientific socialist government, any device, any lie, any strategy which furthers the socialist experiment is valid.  Lies are spoken to delude the masses and the enemy.  Speech has as its purpose, not the communication of truth, but utility to the dictatorship of the proletariats as a weapon against the masses

Semantics becomes a major concern of socialism.  Language must be used: it is a superb weapon.  Certain words have powerful meanings to many men and one way of using men’s minds against themselves is to misuse the words that have a particular meaning to them.  To expect language to have the same content to a socialist as it does to a Christian is a delusion.

For socialist, language is an instrument, a tool of revolution.  Instead of representing a means of communication, an objective order of truth, language is basically an instrument of power required to maintain its delusion of infallibility.

“Evil and incompetence are almost always intertwined.  As to justify its behavior, evil has to continually rationalize away the truth.  To do so requires habitually lying about that which reality consists.  When done long enough, the ability to recognize reality is lost and recognizing reality is the most basic prerequisite for competence.”  Geoffrey Britain

R.J. Rushdoony “Law and Liberty”


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