Dirty Old Man Joe Barton

Joe Barton

Why is the Stegosaurus extinct, but Congress isn’t?

Thirty-two years in the House, Texas’ longest-serving representative, Joe Barton is in hot water today because of a disgusting nude photo of him that has zoomed around the Internet . My wife says the picture literally made her sick. And for once I’m glad WordPress won’t get my news links to link to any news.

This, folks, is our ruling class. The two-legged nematodes who enact our laws (even if they don’t read them first, much less write them), spend our hard-earned money, refuse to secure our borders, tirelessly labor to enrich themselves at our expense, and demand that we obey them and defer to them because they are our betters, they’re the ones who know best, they’re the ones with the private jets and limousines so who the devil do we think we are, to question them…

All I can say is, you can’t spend seven or eight decades bombarding a country with Kinsey, Fifty Shades of Grey, Madeline Murray, abortion, the Clintons, “gay pride” parades, transgender lunacy, and all the rest of that filth and then expect it not to be governed by perverts, clowns, liars, thieves, blockheads, and loons. That’s what we’ve done and that’s what we’ve got.

May God deliver us.

Lee Duigon

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