Flaws of Liberalism


Fifty years of radical liberalism culminating in the ruinous policies of the previous administration, have taught us many valuable lessons. Learning them has involved needless misery, suffering and division across the United States and throughout the world. But hard lessons are not easily forgotten or dismissed, even in the face of widespread distortion and distraction by craven politicians and cunningly deceptive media hacks.

One common tenet of liberalism is total denial of the universal law of reaping and sowing. Time and again, we see Democrats repeating the same doomed policy ideas in the face of clear evidence and the roaring witness of history.

In 2017, regions controlled by liberals burst into flames. Hollywood and the media watched reputations become charred in blazes of sexual misconduct allegations. California saw raging wildfires costing billions of dollars in damage. And the Golden State is already dealing with self-imposed problems resulting from the legalization of marijuana for recreational use. The streets of Chicago and Baltimore smolder with tragically high murder rates. Liberals defy immigration laws even as they spew out unsubstantiated charges of wrongdoing by the Trump administration.

Another flaw of liberalism is the inability to foresee unintended consequences. The special investigation into alleged Russian collusion involving President Trump has brought unexpected revelations of illegal and treacherous conspiracies between Russian officials, Hillary Clinton and Democrat imbeds within the F.B.I. and the Department of Justice. The farcical “Russian collusion investigation” has also shown that the F.B.I., C.I.A. and the Obama administration abused the authority of government to obstruct justice, interfere in the 2016 election and cripple the newly-elected Trump administration.

When people sow seeds of division and fallacy, they forfeit the right to bemoan the bitter harvest that is certain to come. Christians understand this. And yet, the faithful and wise are viciously condemned as ignorant and backward by self-styled liberal geniuses who have foisted upon us, gender choice, the abortion holocaust and an unaffordable national health care scheme.

Liberalism is nothing less ignoble than institutionalized rebellion against truth, against reason and against God. In fact, liberalism is gross sin shrouded beneath a mask of secular public policy. Its members falsely claim to advocate for the oppressed, even as their policies increase people’s burdens and steal their dreams.

The good news for America is that liberals have pushed the limits of absurdity so far in their hatred for President Trump that they may be unable to mount an effective opposition for years to come. False news reports and relentless media slander have become so toxic that denial of the media’s seething hatred is no longer possible. In addition, America is thriving again. Personal success has a strange way of insulating people from liberal media deception and distortion.

President Trump has demonstrated that right-minded leadership, that indispensable quality long absent from the White House, is back to stay. Dismantling the corrupt Washington bureaucratic apparatus that has wasted precious personal, economic and natural resources may be his finest accomplishment. But one long-term benefit of this effort is the exposure of liberalism as a feckless, dangerous and fatal political philosophy.

Most Americans, regardless of religious, political or economic ties, live their lives as conservatives, both morally and economically. We do not habitually risk certain grief and sorrow by making decisions that are contrary to reason and common sense. Why then, would intelligent people choose elected leaders who do otherwise?

Timothy Buchanan

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