Wrecking Western Civilization, Piece By Piece

Stockton CA

Do you ever get the impression that the people in charge of various things are purposely dismantling Western Civilization, piece by piece? I mean, aside from the fact that they’ve been shouting this intention from the housetops ever since the 1930s.

Two current societal re-engineering projects spring to mind.

The city of Stockton, California, went bankrupt in 2012 and apparently wants to do it again. The mayor of Stockton says he wants to embark on an “experiment” to provide a “Universal Basic Income” to a certain segment of “the poor”–$500 a month for a year, no strings attached—to see how it works out. It’s only going to be an experiment with “several dozen families,” for starters. But he’s hoping it’ll be fantastically successful and will inspire other cities to do likewise—with lots and lots of “families.” I put “families” in quotes because I really don’t know what a Democrat means by the word “families” anymore.

Some of the money for this caper is said to be coming from a foundation that wants to study the “economic and social impacts” on people getting free money just for existing, especially the impacts on their “self-esteem and identity.” Nothing is said of the potential impact on the poor schlubs who will have to keep on working while the layabout next door collects $6,000 a year for playing video games and producing out-of-wedlock children. Do you think it might be just a tad demoralizing?

The Universal Basic Income has been a popular left-wing hallucination for years now. After all, they pontificate, soon all the work in the world will be done by robots and computers and there won’t be any jobs for anybody, anyhow—except, of course, for those favored few who will be calling all the shots, for which they will be lavishly rewarded. So why not reduce whole populations of adults to a kind of perpetual infancy, dependent on the government for everything for their entire lives? How long do you suppose that arrangement would last?

And when they discover, to their surprise, that no one can actually live on $500 a month, they’ll throw in food stamps, subsidized housing, and other costly goodies. And the first city to make this an actual public policy will find the world beating a path to its door. Oh, boy, free money! Free stuff!

As if this weren’t a bad enough idea on its own, the Minnesota State High School League board has passed something called the Model Gender Identity Participation in MSHSL Activities policy, based on a “study” claiming that “far more U.S. teens than previously thought” identify as some sex other than the one “assigned at birth”. “Assigned” by whom, we aren’t told. But obviously whoever it was made a serious mistake—says a 2016 “survey” that claims that more than 80,000 teens in Minnesota’s high schools “self-identify” as Whatever. “Nearly 3 percent” of the population! So they say.

Exults one of the bigwigs involved, “Youth are rejecting this binary thinking—“ that is, “reality”—“and are asking adults to keep up.” I don’t think I want to keep up. Do you?

And of course it can have nothing to do with the schools bombarding kids with transgender propaganda every day, year after year, or with neglected teens discovering that suddenly claiming a new “gender” is a sure-fire way to get attention from adults who otherwise seem unaware that they exist, or with left-wing zealots in the education racket working night and day to force a desired outcome. Given the magnitude of the effort, it’s surprising they don’t have 25 or 50 percent of the teens assigning themselves new “genders”—but all in good time. Even leftids sometimes have to wait for what they want.

What a glorious vision of the future—a fornicating mass of gender-confused noddies who have no work to do, no useful role to play, no mission, no ambition, and no hope of any kind of reward other than to keep on doing what they’re doing… which would be, basically, nothing.

This is the future that The Smartest People in the World wish to impose on us, with themselves lording it over the permanently unemployable.

They really must be stopped.

Lee Duigon

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