Praying Matters

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Praying to God is how we talk to our true self, how we find our true inner peace, how we learn to love and care about others, how we thank him for the life he was so deeply blessed us with.

Praying does not have to be something that is done all day, every second of the day.

Just finding the time to make sure that you take at least five to ten minutes out of your life every single cycle of the calendar to ensure that you are talking to God, is not that difficult.

Most people who do not pray, feel like they are not worthy enough to pray or do not fully know how to do so in a way that they feel is good enough.

If you are not praying just because you do not know how, that is something that is completely normal and you should not feel bad about yourself because of it.

Praying can be done in a wide variety of ways, you can follow verses that are found in the bible, you can listen to how other people that you know and trust pray to ensure that you are doing so in a correct manner or you can just play it word for word and then do whatever you want to do, by simply talking to him like you would a friend.

And for those who are particularly shy when it comes to pouring your heart out to God in a public setting, there are small but effective ways to overcome feeling awkward when praying out loud.

God does not want us to fear him, he does not want us to run from him, in fact, he wants us to run to him during the hardest times in our life, he wants us to use him as a shelter from the things that we have no control over that cause us pain and discomfort.

Praying is a way that we acknowledge the Lord, whether it is to thank him, complain to him, confess to him, confide in him, love him, ask for guidance, ask for hope, for love or just simply because we are lonely and need to let him know that we are just stopping in to say hello.

Praying is not something that is only done in the church, in fact, it could be done anywhere, anytime, for any reason that you wish, your relationship with God is something that is between you and him, it is personal and just because you do things in a way that are different from other people does not mean that your way is wrong, the only one who can judge you or your life is God, because him and only him, is the only being besides yourself who knows your reasoning, and it is not the things we do in this world that define our souls, but the reason on to why you did it in the first place.

Taking a small amount of time out of your day to pray is something that we should all do, there is no reason that we should go a whole twenty-four hours without having something to say to God, even if it is just hello, he did not forget to wake you up this morning, do not forget about him while you are living the life he gave you.



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