America: Where Guilt is an Industry and Whining has become an Art Form

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“The soul that sinneth, it shall die. The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son: the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him.” (Eze 18: 20)


While I have several theological degrees I depend only on the basic instincts of my childhood to interpret this verse. In all of its lucid and obvious meaning it says only one thing.

Your sins are your sins, and my sins are my sins.

If you’re getting anything else from this passage you must be laboring under the PC cloud of vague subjectivism that cripples and troubles this present generation.


I never owned nor wanted to own a slave and my conscience is clear.

There remain some 1500 statues of confederate figures throughout the United States; I cannot trouble myself about any of them.  They are historical markers of a troubled time, but they are not a call to bring the trouble back, that is the purpose of those involved in the great American guilt industry where polarizing people into various camps is a daily routine. The show of hostility and hatred in Charlottesville, Virginia – is proof of that.

Even though Charlottesville was the home of my great grandmother I don’t take it personally. I’m sure the America I love is not wholly reflected in a single statue of anyone.

I prefer to remember the dear loving old woman who worked her entire life in the “Miller Home for Boys in Charlottesville. Or the time, over fifty years past, that I got a thunderous applause for playing some original folk songs in an open modal guitar tuning at the “Prism Coffeehouse” on the campus of the University of Virginia.


I will accept no guilt for what transpired in Virginia before my time.

My faith in the clear meaning of the above verse of scripture keeps me out of the fray.

My philosophy of guilt helps me as well. It is derived from a comedic line spoken by the late Groucho Marx. While under police interrogation, Marx replied – “I didn’t do it – I didn’t do it and if I had to do it again – I wouldn’t do it again.”

What happened in Charlottsville is no laughing matter and the precious life of Heather Hyer, who was brutally run down by a crazed extremist is proof of that.

Charlottesville is the mirror image of the confusion that reigns in America today. Those who for a generation have passed through the halls of academia today and almost everyone who thoughtlessly accepted the secular world view and the corrupted common wisdom du jour have all decided that the old gospel message of Jesus and his love is pap.


The power of John 3: 16 is all, but lost to this generation and along with it the reminder that all who reject Christ, will after passing the age of full accountability make a choice. The choice is what puts them in only one of two categories.


They will either be children of God or children of the devil. But that is too simple for the pseudo intellectuals and purveyors of the cosmos. They choose labels like supremacist, sympathizers and a dozen other appellations that reflect their political persuasion. They attach their chosen sobriquet to themselves like it was the sign or signal of both their chosen belief and the connection to what gives them a sense of their own self esteem or self-worth.

They scour the earth looking for an alternative answer to the clear mandates and commands of the Living God, while flying at breakneck speed over the simple, but profound message that they will all have to deal with at the end of the road.

It is easy. Do what is right in God’s eyes and love all others. It couldn’t be that simple could it?

“In this the children of God are manifest, and the children of the devil: whosoever doeth not righteousness is not of God, neither he that loveth not his brother.” (1Jn 3: 10)

Yes, the devil has children, and in the days of the fulfillment of all prophecy they will help usher in what is known as “The day of evil.” (Pr 16: 4)


Before you presume that this message belongs only to the old time country bumkins of the heartland that still preach from the Bible, think again!

The once revered Washington Post allowed op-ed journalist and founder of the Satanic Temple, Lucien Greaves, to publish a piece castigating Christians and presenting the case for a kinder gentler worship of Satan.

How many liberals, pseudo intellectuals and dyed in the wool secularists read Wa-Po is unknown, but it is proof positive that people are no longer slipping, but they are running to the table of the Devil for their sustenance. (1 Co 10: 21)

Mr. Greaves article claims that Satan isn’t guilty for much of anything in Charlottsville or the rest of the world. Greaves notably fails to tell those followers of Satan and the groups he’s protecting from association with Satan that they all will end up where Satan is headed at the last day. Satan is not the master of hell, he is the reason hell was created in the first place.

“Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels.” (Mt 25: 41)

Make no mistake, Satan is not only the father of lies, but he is the arch deceiver. He takes pride in diverting our attention away from the mistaken choice to follow him by giving us labels, names, causes, and groups to attach ourselves to and follow. The names were all at the Charlottsville protests replete with harsh words, flaring tempers and death.


Here is a list that can be gathered from the news coverage of that fateful and tragic day.


Alt Right


White Supremacists

Black Lives Matter (BLM)


New Black Panthers

The Liberal Media


The list of thoroughly hoodwinked should be inverted. At the top of the list should be the media, because they are surely the driving force of the great proxy war. The media is shameless, but that’s not hard to understand because Satan’s minions are all endowed with a great sense of self-righteousness and pride. (Job 41: 34)

The diverse and tolerant crowd has a lot of love as they march to their own demise. While love is supremely important they have not discerned that love is not meant to subvert, supplant or substitute for the truth.

While none of those represented here consider themselves as bigots, narrow minded or miserably mistaken; only a cursory examination of their stated purpose or overt behavior betrays them.


Antifa – They want to make sure fascism doesn’t rear its ugly head again as it did in pre-WWII Europe. They do this by acting exactly as the fascist did with a full penchant for hatred and violence.

We generally accept that anyone wearing masks and dark glasses has something to hide. But in identity politics, it is both the identity and the politics that are deeply nefarious.  A list of people petitioning the White House to declare Antifa a terrorist organization has spiraled and has now surpassed nearly 300,000 signatures in a little over one week.

All we know is that people who wear masks and dark glasses and clothing are usually up to no good and have a lot to hide. Criminals, burglars, rapists, terrorists and radical Muslims all wear dark coverings for the same reason, Antifa is among them.


The KKK and the White Supremacists are in the same basket. It is hard to believe that in a modern world where it is apparent that we make up only one race – the human race, that people like this can still exist.


BLM – Black Lives Matter, has yet to answer why black lives don’t matter to other blacks who commit more black on black crime in our major cities than all other crime combined. The movement is now approaching full blown silly, as of late. The leaders of BLM are now asking for free college tuition, payments from rich whites in reparation for slavery and even the deeds to our houses. Black lives do matter, but this is a juvenile approach that makes it hard to take them seriously.


People are not satisfied that President Trump didn’t take sides and condemn only one of these groups. The preponderance of those represented in Virginia that day, make that idea impossible. Yet, it is the Neo –Nazis that make the idea of an accusation or an apology absurd. There are 6,000,000 Jews who may accuse them and are still waiting for a much deserved apology from anyone who still respects the evil ideology of Nazism.

As a footnote, perhaps the only one who was a perfect gentleman that day was the statue of Robert E. Lee – go figure! What a picture it paints. It was a solid stone statue, unable to move or speak; surrounded by a bunch of people screaming like they all had rocks in their heads.


So if you’ve figuratively given God his walking papers and relegated the gospels to the realm of well-crafted fables and fantasy you will not have noticed that you are standing on some slippery slope, a sand pit that is about to slide away carrying many along with it.

Never has the following verse of scripture been more appropriate than today. It explains why following various Godless ideologies always end in disappointment, confusion and even death.


“There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.”  – Proverbs 16: 25

 Michael Bresciani


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