Mass Murder, Guilt By Association

Before the 1960s there were almost no mass shooting incidents in the United States, but the trend has increased ever since then. Why? The number of homicides has decreased significantly. There must be another cause. Perhaps society’s focus on the gun is less important than the emotional imbalance that leads them to pull the trigger?

A major change since the 1960s has been the rise in liberal social policies and the destruction of the time-honored values that lead to societal success and stability. The most glaring example is the massive decline in two-parent households.

The very concept of manhood is now denigrated and commonly referred to as toxic and any traits of natural aggressiveness by boys must be ruthlessly put down and medicated away. Social justice and political correctness teach that no one is responsible for their own situation or bad choices. It is the system, or even ”the man,” who has done them wrong. If they don’t get what they feel they deserve, society has let them down.

The entertainment industry is filled with anti-gun activists who get paid millions of dollars to take on gun toting, bullets flying, people slaying roles. Mainstream media contributes to the problem when they sensationalize the nihilistic loser who slaughters his class by giving him the fame and recognition he seeks. The massive quantities of empowering and unaccountable violence our popular culture spews out in video games and movies teach that power comes from the barrel of a gun.

Most Americans believe there is a strong link between mental illness and mass shooting. Yet, Psychiatrists Liza Gold and Robert Simon, in their book Gun Violence and Mental Illness, summarize the evidence debunking this myth. According to them less than 5% of shootings are committed by people with a diagnosable mental illness suggesting that the link between mental illness and mass shooting exists only in our minds, not reality.

So what is the answer? What possesses a person to one day get out of bed and decide to take the life of another or lots of others. Could part of the problem be the fact that we as a society no longer value human life? When did it become okay for a doctor to say the babies she murders can’t scream from pain because she cuts their vocal cords first, or for celebrities to parade around in clothing bragging about murdering their unborn child or left-wing professors claim that the old, the disabled, the mentally ill should put down because they offer nothing to society?

Those on the left who lecture us about how guns are the problem have their head stuck in the sand. Their wholesale transformation of society away from personal responsibility to elevation of personal gratification has not gone well.

Confiscate all the guns in the world and we will simply see death by other means until we address the real problem – OUR CULTURE – a culture that has become toxic.

Source: Culture, Not Guns, Is At The root of Mass Shootings, by Jim Hanson, The Federalist

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