The New Green Deal, a Communist Razzle Dazzle

One of the hottest topics in policy wonk circles today is the “Green New Deal,” spearheaded by the rising star of the progressive Left, New York’s finest  – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a self-described socialist hailed as the “future” of the Democratic Party by DNC chairman Tom Perez.   

OC and her left-wing cohorts have been calling for the formation of a committee to oversee the drafting of a Green Deal plan, a plan that has met with hesitation by a few Democrats who remember Pelosi’s 2007 Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming, a committee they slammed for its piddling legacy and inadequate work.   

Representative Frank Pallone, D – NJ, chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, says while he agrees with the Green Deal’s basic outlines he isn’t fond of their plan to have Democrats “swear off contributions” from the fossil fuel companies probably because he received more than $100,000 from utilities and energy donors during his campaign. 

Of course opposition isn’t going to slow OC and her cronies.  They have offered a draft of their Socialist Utopia which is little more than a Trojan Horse filled with liberal goodies for the uninformed.

If America is willing to throw freedom and the free market under the bus, these benevolent socialists are willing to eliminate gender-based inequalities in income and wealth, pay reparations to right historical injustices, and guarantee the equitable distribution of wealth to the impoverished, low-income, deindustrialized, marginalized community.   Notice she didn’t mention the middle class but there is a reason for that – there will be no middle class.  You’re either at the top of the pole or at the bottom.

They are also willing to give us the opportunity, training and education to be a full and equal participant in the transition (from Capitalism to Socialism) with a guaranteed job, equal living accommodations, and a living wage to anyone that wants it.   The plan didn’t mention what they would do to those who didn’t want to work  but considering  the history of other Socialist dictators, I’m assuming there would be consequences for the “useless eaters.”

Within ten years they promise us state-of-the-art energy efficiency, a smart grid, and the elimination of those nasty greenhouse gases from manufacturing, agriculture, and transportation by funding massive investment into green energy.    

Her proposal also includes the creation of a Select Committee that would be responsible for the total oversight of U.S. industry, job creation, wages, safety, labor laws, and the creation of meaningful, career employment, while “recognizing the rights of workers to organize and unionize.   

And if taking America from capitalism to socialism isn’t enough, OC’s plan also includes a failsafe in the form of a basic income program and Medicare for all, along with any other thing the Committee deems appropriate to promote economic security and labor market flexibility.  That “any thing” is scary especially when you consider the possibilities – like what happens when they run out of other people’s money.   

Who is going to pay for all this?  According to OC, the taxpayer, the wealthy elite and the Federal Reserve will foot the bill.  Of course you realize the Fed isn’t in the business to generate income for America – they print money and extend credit to keep the elite afloat.  OC says not to worry, we’ll just create more banks, the Fed can print more money and extend credit for all these socialist projects and investments – then you toss in all that money generated by taxing carbon and emissions and wealth – no problem.   That $1 trillion needed over the next 10 years is a mere formality.

Unfortunately OC’s math is on par with her mentality.  According to an editorial for Investor’s Business Daily, moving the economy away from fossil fuels to 100% percent renewable energy will come “at a cost of about $5.2 trillion over 20 years”   Scientists doubt it would be achievable by 2050, let alone 2029, the deadline Democrats would set.

Such a massive overhaul in power generation would require the closure and replacement of about 83% of U.S. electricity generation, including all coal, natural gas, and nuclear plants.  … Today, renewable electricity—mainly wind, solar, and hydroelectric—provides only 17% of American electricity.

The Green New Deal is clearly a political program, designed to check every box on the progressive wish-list.  It makes no sense on economic grounds, either in spirit or letter.  The scope of the takeover and the mandate for legislative authority amounts to a radical grant of power over the lives, homes, businesses, travel, banking, families, etc.   It would transform America into a Venezuela style socialist state.

The weaker America is, the more vulnerable it becomes to being controlled which is exactly what OC and her uneducated supporters want.   Climate Change has never been about the environment – it has always been about control.   

F. H. Buckley reminds us in his article, “Lessons From Venezuela,” published in the New York Post, that anyone who truly cares about people’s lives, never mind basic freedoms, has to own up to the inevitable disaster socialism can beget – the former Soviet Union and its satellites, Mao’s China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Cuba – the socialist promise of a paradise ended up as a totalitarian nightmare and hellhole. 

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