Intelligent Design – Why are the Intelligent So Afraid of It?

Only hours after President Bush announced that he was for teaching “intelligent design” in our schools the flap has begun. Among the many nervous voices is Bill Press a political analyst for MSNBC. In a letter published in the World Net Daily, Friday August 5, 2005, Bill said, “I don’t know how my TIVO works, but that doesn’t mean God made it.”

Why are intelligent people so afraid of the idea that the worlds may have been made by…intelligent design? Is it only a very un-intelligent fear that they may have been wrong? Is mighty science threatened? Or are they afraid that Science will be seen as the bully on the block who met up one night in a dark alley with a huge group of Bible thumping geeks.

Perhaps evolutionists should accept a simple three point challenge to help identify their fears. The first challenge would be to punch up the phrase “creation science” on a good search engine. Study the results for a few days and then answer only one question. Is there not one doubt in your mind that all the variety, balance and complexity seen all around you might not have come from a pool of primordial ooze?

The second part of the challenge would require only a good dictionary. Look up the definition of science. What does empirical really mean? Since science is defined as the study of repeatable observable phenomena wouldn’t that raise another question? Which scientist was here to observe what took place 40 million years ago? Could any scientist repeat what they claim happened back then?

Making statements about something not observed is called a “prior philosophic postulate.” The so called evidence notwithstanding, this is just a fancy way of saying faith. It is a statement that requires “faith” to believe. For most people it requires more faith to believe a man who is describing what took place millions of years ago, than God who says at the very least, he was there.

The third part of the challenge would also require some observation so be prepared to wait a bit. The wisdom for this observation comes from a very simple formula that was seen years ago in a little gospel tract handed out to thousands of people. It is a two sided formula that leaves it open for you to pick which one you may find most useful. The first is this…one frog + one beautiful princess + one kiss = a prince. The other option is…one frog + 40 million years = a prince, take your pick.

Another method for Mr. Press or just about anyone may also put to rest this great fear of the intelligent about intelligent design. Place a bunch of circuit boards, solder, plastic and metal in a heap. Next see if you can line up a beautiful princess to come and kiss the heap of materials. If you can’t find a princess just wait forty million years and see if a Tivo emerges. Oh, if it does, please send me an e-mail I’ve always wanted one of those things.

Teaching “intelligent design” won’t topple our system of education. The greatest threat to our system of education has been kids with guns, teachers who liken the victims of 9-11 to the Nazis and peer pressure among kids to conform to the dress codes lingo and demeanor of the pop culture. Viewing “intelligent design” as a threat is not very intelligent.

Michael Bresciani

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