How Dare We Question The Left’s Right to Rule

When people can’t offer a legitimate argument to support their beliefs,  they resort to deceptions and name calling in an effort to distract from the truth. Let’s face it, when you start defaming someone or minimize them and what they believe in, you’ve already lost not only the high ground but the argument.  

Professor Jonathan Weiler, director of Global Studies at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, did just that in an article he penned for the Huffington Post, The Republican Party is a National Disgrace. Weiler expressed his personal views of the GOP by calling the party a breeding ground for sheer lunacy, an “apocalyptic cult” many of whose leading lights are hell-bent on ensuring that those who endure misfortune have no one to blame but themselves…. While he was willing to admit that not every Republican officeholder believes this, he added that a party that repeatedly traffics in the kind of contemptuous and hateful extremism inevitably produces this kind of swill. 

Professor Weiler, went on to say that “The Republican party has come to the litany of outrageous views and worse, of course, policy advocacy related to those views is staggering.  It is a party populated by public officials “who are witch-hunting, science denying extremists, oozing contempt for those who are struggling to make ends meet and frothing mad at anyone who does challenge the privileges of the already privileged.  It is replete with officeholders who lie repeatedly in pursuit of their policy goals, bathe themselves in self pity when they get called on their lies and proudly strut their staggering ignorance and contempt for the less well-off — both badges of honor in the GOP.”

Not only are GOPers a national disgrace, he claims, but they are only concerned with “spewing repeated venom about gays, witch-hunting of Muslims in government, forced vaginal probes, death panels, the allegation that dozens of Congressional Democrats are members of the communist party, Obama is a Kenyan socialists, etc.”  

This is not a recitation of facts; it is a series of smears against not only Republicans but against Christians and anyone who holds to traditional values, regardless of their party affiliation.  As Jim ONeill writes in his article at the Canada Free Press, “if you are politically incorrect, then you are not following the party line—your politics are somehow out of sync, and you must be brought back into alignment with the correct, approved way of thinking, speaking, and behaving—for the good of the collective., or as the Star Trek Borg would say, Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.”   

Political Correctness seeks to impose a uniformity of thought, word, and behavior on all Americans. It is Marxist in its roots, stifling in its influence, and destructive in its effects. It is diametrically opposed to the traditional American values of free speech, free thought, and freedom itself. And while the GOP is certainly not perfect, Weiler, like most of the far-left Democrats are so self engrossed in their own Utopian belief that only they know what is best for the country, that they can’t see the forest for the trees.  How dare mere mortals question their “divine right” to rule!

WOW, thanks Professor Weiler – you proved my point quite nicely.

And, anyone that hasn’t figured out that Professor Weiler is one of those far-left field Democrats embracing Socialist rule, he once accused the N.Y. Times of publishing a fluff piece about the tea party movement by “burying the obviously ugly impulse and hatred of many in the movement.”  Seriously, the NY Times publishing a fluff piece about the tea party?

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