Report: Russian Manipulation of U.S. Energy Markets

While much political theatre has been developed surrounding Russian influence in American elections, and while much, if not all said political theatre has been proven to be lies, there are still serious efforts by Russia, as well as other countries, to weaken the United States. One such area of concern is America’s energy industry, and one of the methods employed is to instill confusion and even chaos in the energy industry through the manipulation of media platforms.

See attached Congressional Report – Congressional-report-on-Russian-manipulation-of-U.S.-energy-markets

The mentioned report is newly released, and most likely has not been viewed by most regardless of position or office held.  The content of said report is critical to understand the political rhetoric accompanying all things energy, coal and related for the production and distribution of energy in the United States.  It is startling just how easy it has been for elected and community leaders to be duped.

The attached report is a must read given the push to shutter coal powered plants, and push alternative energy plans. There is a National Security element that the preponderant majority of Americans simply are unaware of, and selected biased green-only-energy groups are complicit broadcasting.  

I have been involved combatting the false and disinformation regarding coal-powered plants over the past year; much time, much energy, many, many meetings to make sense out of the bombastic rhetoric thrown around by “green and environmental groups” who, themselves, are funded or partially funded by socialist Marxist influencers.

Pray that Mr. Trump and his administration cabinet secretaries will truly place America First, and stop the very serious destruction secretly, and even openly taking place to destroy our economy.

Lyle Rapacki

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