Conservatives vs. The Left

01The essential difference between the left and conservatives is that the left could not exist without conservatives to defend their freedom and support them economically.  Conservatives on the other hand can exist quite well without progressives. 

Where do you stand?

Conservatives generally believe that we should be kind and generous to the poor and needy and are more than willing to write a check and give what we can afford to those in need.  The Left claims to also believe in kindness and generosity but, instead of opening their wallet, they take other people’s money and then claim credit for their compassion.

Conservatives believe that, just as you receive a booklet from the manufacturer with most new purchases telling you how the thing works,  God  has given us a Manual to tell us how life works and how it is supposed to work.  The left, by nature, hate anything that is associated with God and believe that human knowledge has progressed to such an extent that we can figure life out on our own.

Conservatives believe there are rules in life given to us by God and reflected in many of our traditions.  The Left believe you can pretty much make your own rules apart from the cardinal rule of letting others do what they want in the name of tolerance; and that life should be fair and equal for everyone, regardless of their ability or desire to work for it.

Conservatives believe that children are a blessing, a most prized gift from God, a privilege, and that abortion is murder.  The Left, on the other hand,  believe that children are only one of many options, disposable and  often a hindrance to women in general and society as a whole.

Conservatives believe that individuals, through their faith and knowledge of God, hard work, and community, can and should provide for the general welfare of our society.   The Left takes the position that government can and should solve every problem even if it means new taxes, more bureaucrats,  a new government program  and appropriate agencies to accomplish it.

Conservatives believe sex is sacred, a gift from God.  Progressives believe sex is just a form of recreation, like a massage or a tennis match, or a bodily function like eating, sleeping, or eliminating.

Conservatives believe that you can’t do everything you want in life if you are willing to put the effort into it.  The Left believe that everything good can and should be done regardless of the cost, and the government should  do it because they can do it better.

Conservatives believe that life has risks, and people are generally capable of assessing risks and making good choices.  The Left believe that the government has a responsibility to protect everyone from themselves, at any cost.

Conservatives are generally patriots whose love our country, our flag and our national anthem.  The Left sees our flag and anthem as symbols of oppression, racism and bigotry.

Conservatives believe in the right to self defend while the Left believe that no man has a right to protect themselves or their families unless they are wealthy and can afford to hire armed guards.

Conservatives who don’t like guns, just don’t buy them. The Left not only wants to confiscate your guns but put the manufacturer out of business and gun owners treated as terrorists.

Conservatives sees a foreign threat and determine how to defeat them.  The Left sees an enemy and wonder how to appease them.

When a conservative feel that a law is unjust or unconstitutional, they don’t riot and burn, they think long and hard about how to legally change the law.   The Left perceive a law as only a suggestion to be ignored, or altered to fit their agenda. They much prefer to let judges legislate from the bench.

Right or wrong is not a theory to Conservatives whereas the Left believes that nothing is truly wrong as long as it feels good or Conservatives see it as wrong.

Conservatives  believe in freedom, responsibility, tradition and self-reliance whereas the Left believes in licenses, government restrictions, regulations, rules, upending tradition and the destruction of family.

We believe people should be judged, not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character and merits of their actions.  The Left truly believe it is okay to discriminate as long as it benefits their political agenda.

Conservatives support constitutional limited government while the Left has never met a government spending program they didn’t like.

“In republican governments, men are all equal; equal they are also in despotic governments: in the former, because they are everything; in the latter, because they are nothing.”  Montesquieu

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