How Many Abortions Does It Take To Equal Genocide?

abortionThe cost of perpetuating our universe of denial is the murder of any future we might have had.

In 2016 we came face to face with a gruesome reality – not the reality that Planned Parenthood murders babies, which in of itself should cause outrage but somehow didn’t, but that the murderers of our future were caught on video cavalierly discussing how they sell body parts of tiny children they murder and how they have learned to adjust the way in which they commit murder to prevent damage to the livers, hearts, legs, etc. so they can sell them off, bit by tiny bit.  

These were not blobs of cells – they were babies, human beings, offered for sacrifice, murdered by doctors and you America, paid for their execution. In fact, as you read this, two or more innocent children will face the altar of sacrifice, will disappear from our world. The minute after that – two more!   Over 60 million murdered babies is too steep a consequence for our heads to grasp, for our hearts to bear, or for our nation to sustain.

Arguments abound. “An unfortunate necessity,” that is “safe, legal, and rare,” as if murdering children and endangering the lives of the women who sacrificed them could ever be any of those three. “The law of the land,” kowtowing to a court opinion with all the legislative force of a ruling to paint the sky red. For what legal authority can we possess to deprive innocent children of their inalienable right to life, utterly without due process, let alone human feelings?

Candidates memorize the talking points but do nothing to stop the killing. America’s genocide is relegated to the corner, as merely a “divisive social issue,” or cannon fodder in a “culture war,” and what a war it is, the strong vs. weak, adults vs. children – our own children.

Complain all you like about our feckless elected scoundrels.  Perhaps it’s time to realize that our elected employees do, in fact, represent us, in all the worst ways.  Governance by whim, morality by desire, a blatant disconnect with truth, honor, or responsibility – that’s our new normal.  But then, when we murder our own children just because we can, there is no reason to expect moral uprightness from our purported leaders.  We deserve that sinking feeling of insecurity every day – it’s our hard-earned wage.

We’ve turned our city on a hill into a Darwinian slog through the slough, all of us fighting to become the strongest and most powerful, at the expense of our most vulnerable. The weak and humble have no place in such a world, except to serve the strong. If they are not useful, not “the best of their race,” as Planned Parenthood’s founder Margaret Sanger would say, they are “human weeds” clogging up the gene pool, an “unceasingly spawning class of human beings who never should have been born.”

American has murdered more of their own than most of history’s monsters. How many abortions does it take to equal a genocide?    

“From conception, an unborn baby is a separate and living being of the species homo sapiens that is developing from within their mother’s body.  If the unborn is not alive, an abortion would not be necessary.  If the unborn is not a human being, what kind of being is it?  This living organism has human parents and does not undergo a change of species at any point during their course of development.  All this evidence points to the conclusion that an unborn is human from conception.”  Timothy Jackson

Source: American Suicide: When Posterity is Slaughtered and Sold, by Rebekah Maxwell.

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