Choose Your Future: With Guns and Freedom – or Without

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Here’s a Future where millions understand, right down to gut level, that “gun control” kills. These future citizens know that civilian gun ownership makes the world safer and happier. This is the world we WILL have once a critical mass of people see the life-changing documentary film, Innocents Betrayed:

This world isn’t perfect, but people are empowered to guard their families from harm. Children play safely under the protection of their mothers and fathers. This future resembles the “simpler, sweeter” times of the past. But it’s better because there’s so much less tyranny and violence lying ahead.

Criminals never know who might be able to fight back because nobody knows who’s carrying guns. There are no government databases of gun owners. Nobody has to ask the government’s permission to defend her own life.

Firearms are inexpensive. All the pointless bans and restrictions have been removed and people once again have entered the gun-making and gun-dealing business.

You can buy your self-defense weapons privately though the mail, without waiting periods or asking permission.

Governments are polite to citizens. Government employees once again understand that they are public servants, not masters. Conniving politicians and gun-prohibitionists are no longer tolerated.

There’s less chance your son or daughter will be used as cannon fodder — sent to die in some country you’ve never heard of because the people of that country were too feeble to overthrow their own tyrants.

Wives, mothers, sisters, students, and college professors all understand why firearms matter. They understand emotionally, as well as intellectually. Women honor the men who care enough to protect them – and women are better able to protect themselves against rape and abuse.

Genocide never happens again. There are no holocausts, no mass slaughters, no boxcars full of innocents. All around the world, religious and ethnic minorities practice community self-defense.

Millions understand that they — and you — have a right to defend life and liberty. Self-defense once again takes its place as the first law of nature — a respected right of all civilized human beings.

How does one 58-minute film make all this happen? Because it goes right to the gut. Without arguing about laws, statistics, or legal interpretations, it reaches right in and changes minds and hearts by SHOWING, in the most unforgettable way, what happens to people whose governments impose “reasonable gun control.”

Once they’ve seen “Innocents”, we already know that people from all walks of life, all beliefs, sit stunned and shocked — and then stop believing that “gun control” is good for them. They understand “gun control” is a vicious wolf disguised as a friendly, protective dog.

It’s that simple, that fast. All it takes is getting enough people to see the movie an we eradicate gun hate.

Just show the movie.

NOW if you prefer, here’s a future where millions go on imagining that “gun control” will make them safe. This is a world where Innocents Betrayed never gets outside the realm of Second-Amendment supporters:

This future looks (and smells) familiar because we’re already on its borders.

Gangs roam the streets, trading in banned weapons — some taken from you by the government — as well as other forbidden goods. Violence in the cities soars.

Women frantically call 911, but stalkers, abusers, and rapists know they have plenty of time to do their deeds then get away before the police arrive.

Corrupt politicians seize more and more power, knowing that submissive and disarmed citizens not only won’t resist, but are helplessly dependent on government favors and “protection”.

You turn in your guns or live in fear of the government jackboot at your door. Turn in your guns and you live in fear anyway.

You can’t even have the simple pleasure of taking your son or daughter out plinking on a Saturday afternoon. Your only access to firearms is at a government-controlled facility, where you’re allowed to fire a rationed number of .22 shorts at paper targets. Government officials take careful note of your proficiency. Those who shoot “too much” or “too well” are watched by federal agents.

Sport hunting no longer exists. All game is reserved for government cronies. Or game animals are allowed to overpopulate, destroy the environment, and die of starvation and disease in the name of “environmentalism”.

Detention camps are filled with unpopular minorities, “enemies of government”, and people who’ve violated minor, technical laws.

Soldiers patrol American streets, trained to see everyone as a potential enemy.

Ultimately you may not even have a choice about the job you do, the schooling your children get, or the doctor you go to. Because the government has given itself the right to make all decisions. And you’re helpless to resist the utopian schemes of your “leaders,” because one act after another of “reasonable gun control” has eaten away not only your gun-rights, but your freedom.

Around the world, millions continue to be slaughtered by their own “protectors” … their own governments. And suddenly, because you’re helpless, even your nice, civilized country is no longer exempt from the ultimate horrors.

How does the absence of one 58-minute film lead to this horrific chaos? Because no matter how many intellectual or legal arguments gun-rights groups make, people’s hearts remain dedicated to the program of the “gun controllers.” People remain tragically ignorant of history’s #1 lesson: That when self-defense is against the law, anyone, including your own government, can kill you.

If they see Innocents, they stop. They turn around. They change. They understand the value of firearms in citizens’ hands. That fast. No long arguments. No millions of dollars spent. No losing battles. They just get it.

Nothing like Innocents has ever come along before. Because nothing has ever reached “the TV generation” as this film has.

For the first time, gun owners have it easy. You don’t have to go out and buy all kinds of books or magazines. You don’t have to memorize hundreds of laws or statistics. You don’t have to beg politicians. Just show the film. Then sit back.

Gun-rights groups are putting aside their differences for the moment. ALL of us need to get behind this film. If this film succeeds, then all our jobs become easier. Barriers to freedom fall.

Our goal: For 5 million people to see Innocents Betrayed. If 5 million see it, then show it to their friends, then the “gun control” illusion will topple. People will not only KNOW better. They’ll have seen for themselves.

Americans will once again have the common sense glowingly described by Thomas Paine. They’ll have the courage of Patrick Henry. And they’ll have the tools to ensure that courage and common sense can live into future generations.

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