The Science Is In – Elvis Has Left the Building

“There is no such thing as consensus science. If it’s consensus, it isn’t science. If it’s science, it isn’t consensus. Period.”   – Michael Crichton, MD.

Scientists understand that observations are rarely complete because interpretations often vary. There is usually considerable room for discussion and debate.  Debate is as important to science as consensus is to politics. But debate needs to be based on observations, not opinions.  Science is never settled because it is by definition an ever-evolving body of knowledge.  And, in that respect, climate science is exactly like all other sciences.

Theories change all the time.  For centuries stomach ulcers were thought to be due to stress, spicy foods and excess stomach acid but in 1984 that all changed when Australian physician Barry Marshall drank a culture of Helicobacter pylori and developed ulcers from the bacteria alone.  It was theorized that no human being could survive transonic speeds until Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier and that no human could survive space radiation until the Soviet and American astronauts spend days in orbit in the 1960’s. Science claimed no human could survive passage through space outside the Van Allen radiation belts until the Apollo moon missions.

In the 70’s scientists predicted global cooling.  By the 90’s theories changed from cooling to global warming, that is until 2010 when it was cooling again.  In other words, the hallmark of science is that it is always hypothesizing, always collecting data, always testing, and always refining or looking for new theories. 

In fact, the only indication of a good theory is whether one can make valid predictions with the theory. One successful prediction, however, is not enough. All it means is that the theory works for now or until a failed prediction or a more comprehensive theory comes along.

The “settled science of climate change” is not the product of real science but of the United Nations’ International Panel of Climate Change (IPCC), established in 1988 by the UN Environment Program and World Meteorological Organization, both of which are made up of politicians and bureaucrats.   The IPCC was not given a scientific goal to discover if there were human and natural causes that could affect climate.  Nope – not at all – they started with a hypothesis that earth was warning and man was the cause and then set about producing mostly fake computer models and over-the-top predictions of doom and gloom to support that hypothesis.  Speaking of doom and gloom!

In his 2006 documentary, An Inconvenient Truth,  Big Al Gore promotes the view that man-made global warming was a scientifically proven fact and that it had caused almost every malady in recent history from hurricanes to the spread of malaria.  What’s more,  he predicted that it was not so much of a question of whether or not things would get worse but when and how much.

Big Al graduated from Harvard with a Bachelor of Arts degree in government and later dropped out of Vanderbilt where he was pursuing a law degree to run for an open Congressional seat in Tennessee, neither of which makes him a scientists but rather a career politician.  Of course that sort of fits right in with the nonscientific UN IPCC.

The lies and distortions pushed in Big Al’s film along with the failure of any of his predictions to materialize hasn’t stopped the crazy environmentalists or the socialist dominated United Nations from continuing to push fake science to “prove” that life on earth is so fragile that unless we submit ourselves to their rule and give them all our wealth, all is lost.

The latest example is  AOC ‘s version of the sky-is-falling –  We’re  going to die within 12 years without the implementation of her Socialist New Green Deal that guarantees elimination of everything from fossil fuels to flatus, and naturally, the nation’s wealth. 

One has to wonder, though, if man-made warming is real, why is Earth’s closest neighbor, Mars, warming?  Is it possible that little green men are burning fossil fuels underground and pumping out Co2 from their little cars?  Should we export Big Al and AOC to teach them the right path to salvation – wind farms and solar panels?

The earth warmed and cooled long before environmentalists were around to demand a ransom from the peasants.  Many factors drive Earth’s climate such as changes in the sun’s intensity, along with volcanic eruptions, natural carbon cycle processes like termite mounds in Africa that emit methane, or tiny organisms in the ocean that take up carbon dioxide, along with variation in snow and ice cover that change how much the Earth’s surface reflects the sun’s energy back into space.  Isn’t it more likely that sun spot cycles and solar winds are the major drivers of climate?

“It is a mistake to suppose that science is an unswerving pursuit of objective truth. Partially it is, but only to the extent that the truth does not turn out to contradict what has already been taught in the educational process.” This should give us pause the next time we hear “The science is in!”   Sir Fred Hoyle, mathematician and astronomer

Source:  Science Is Never Settled by Regis Nicoll, Crisis Magazine; “Why Science is Never Settled” –Part One by Tedd Roberts

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