Identity Politics Will Destroy the Democrats

“Anyone paying attention to American politics for the past 50 years can attest, the left has abided by one basic principle from which they never waver. Such is, when you can’t make a rational argument for or against something, make a racist or sexist one. Identity politics and perceived victimhood are the preferred weapons of the modern Democrat party and they wield them in defense of their positions more viciously than a mama grizzly protecting her cubs.”  Paul Curry

Identify politics, once reserved for Republicans, Independents,  Christians, etc. has now become the attack mode of choice in the ongoing Democrat civil war.

Last month’s Democratic Debates saw California Senator and identity politics warrior Kamala Harris attack  Joe Biden as a racists for his past associations with segregationists and for being more Republican than Democrat.  She also attacked him for, believe it or not, having remarkably similar positions to herself on school busing.  Substantive arguments be damned, let the racist missiles fly.

Witness a statement made in the presidential debates by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of N.Y. who said that because she is a “white woman of privilege,” she can sell suburban voters (whites) on “liberal candidates” and their politics “in ways that dark complexioned candidates cannot.”

It’s hard not to smile when you watch AOC attack Pelosi as racist for daring to reign her in for the anti-Semitic remarks made by the democrat house “squad.”  Or how about the now deleted tweet from AOC’s chief of staff Saikat Charkrabarti, denouncing blue-dog moderate Democrats as “hell bent to do to black and brown people today what the old Southern Democrats did in the 1940s.”

And, it is even harder  to miss the irony of watching Pete Buttigieg condemn Trump’s alleged embrace of “peak white identify politics, designed to drive apart people with common interests,”  which he made at a fundraiser for the LBBTQ advocacy group Human Rights Campaign, an organization based on identity politics.

This is what identity politics has created. When you ride the wave of everyone being a victim, you will soon be attacked as the victimizer. The Democrats have created the perfect storm and now they are eating their own to survive.  

The sword always cuts both ways – when you produce a mentality of self-entitlement, in the end it’s all about me.  You can’t cater to self-entitlement and then expect any kind of self-sacrifice.  In the same way, when you build a movement based on identity politics, which by nature divides, you cannot expect to cultivate unity. You cannot expect to bring people together across their ideological fissures. You can only expect more and more fragmentation.

The Democrat establishment relies on using identity politics to attack their opponents for three simple reasons. They are accustomed to it, they believe that it works, and they have very little else with which to advance their agenda.

It will also ultimately prove to be their downfall for three simple reasons. The American people are tired of it, it doesn’t work, and it is now destroying the left from the inside.

The Democratic Party has become a train wreck that one cannot look away from.

Source;  Identity Politics Devours Itself By Michael Brown, Townhall; Identity Politics and the Downfall of the Modern Left, Paul Curry, Townhall

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