White Privilege Is An Abstract Used to Enslave Minorities

A pillar of contemporary Leftism is the notion of “white privilege.  The good news is that you don’t have to actually participate in this as a white person . . .  or even be aware of it, actually.  If you’re white you are racist even if you think you aren’t, and you bask in a privilege that encircles you like a fluffy protective bubble, bouncing you from opportunity to opportunity from riches to more riches – All because you are white.  And apparently, you don’t even need a white person around for white supremacy to rear its ugly head.

What makes the academic study of white supremacy aka white privilege so perfect for racialists, according to Rick Moran of American Thinker, is that it requires absolutely no parameters of study. There are no standards of proof. There is no way any claims can be vetted in peer-reviewed journals because the “evidence” can be explained by other factors. Anything and everything can be pointed to as being a result of white supremacy or white privilege because of one’s personal worldview, especially when they look at the entire world through a prism of race. 

How do we combat this bizarreness when we can’t argue that we aren’t privileged or racist because according to this “theory” we are both, without knowing it?  We have to start where the left does  in our schools where an entire generation of high-school and college students have been taught that a great number of “unearned privileges” accrue to white Americans, even though the assertion is largely meaningless and does great harm to all races of people.

Systems of white supremacy, institutional racism, and white privilege are abstractions.  They are tirelessly trotted out precisely because they are abstractions.  The truth is that concrete individual white “racists,” i.e. those who harass, intimidate, and attack blacks or other minorities , simply aren’t in large enough supply to sustain the narrative of perpetual White Privilege that is the lifeblood of the racism industrial complex.

The great 18th century philosopher David Hume made this point: “It is easy for a false hypothesis to maintain some appearance of truth, while it keeps wholly in generals” and “makes use of undefined terms.”  Hume also said that “ideas, especially abstract ones, are naturally faint and obscure: the mind has but a slender hold of them: they are apt to be confounded with other resembling ideas; and when we have often employed any term, though without a distinct meaning, we are apt to imagine it has a determinate idea annexed to it.”

The left’s political goal is to ensure that minorities continue to view America as racist. The Left knows that the only way to retain political power in America is to perpetuate the belief  in  white racism. Only then will minorities  continue to regard the Left and the Democrats as indispensable.

Like any other stereotype, white privilege should be denounced. And the racist assumptions underlying it should be exposed in order to educate those who have come to harbor this ugly idea in their hearts.

So it makes me ever so uncomfortable that our president,  Donald Trump, might succumb to this false premise that the left pushes where every crime committed, where ever white person on this earth, especially those that voted him into office, are genuine racists intent on destroying minorities. 

“The best disinfectant for the white privilege stereotype, as for so many other bad ideas, is sunlight. Unfortunately, academia and the media, instead of countering prejudices, reinforce racial stereotypes and bigoted ideas such as white privilege. And that divides the country further into warring camps.”  Daniel Greenfield

Source:  White Privilege and White Supremacy: No White People Required,  Legal Insurrection;  The Myth of “a System of White Supremacy”  by  Jack Kerwick, FrontPage Magazine;  The Fallacy of ‘White Privilege’ By Dennis Prager, National Review

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