The Biggest Lie In History

The line between fascism and Fabian socialism is very thin. Fabian Socialism is the dream. Fascism is Fabian socialism plus the inevitable dictator.” John T. Flynn

During the Thirties, intellectuals smitten by progressivism considered limited constitutional governance anachronistic. In their minds the Great Depression had proven capitalism defunct, leaving only a choice between communism and fascism.   Infatuated with Marxism, intellectuals considered Hitler about an inch to the right of Stalin so in their minds anyone associated with fascism had to be on the “right.”  With the publication of The Authoritarian Personality Theodor Adorno devised the “F” scale to demean conservatives as latent fascists. The label “fascists” has subsequently meant anyone liberals seek to ostracize or discredit.

Hitler may have feigned “right,” but he and Stalin were natural bedfellows. Despising Marxists, but not their ideology, Hitler mimicked Lenin’s path to totalitarian tyranny, parlaying crises into power, focusing not as the communists on class, but fixated on race as a metaphor to justify their nation’s engagement in an existential struggle.

Very little of Hitler’s domestic activity was remotely on the right.  In America free markets, limited constitutional government, family, church and tradition are the bedrock of the right.  Hitler ran a planned economy, eradicated federalism in favor of centralized government, considered church and family as competitors and disavowed religious tradition.

On many issues Hitler agreed with today’s left-wing politicians. He strictly enforced gun control making his role as dictator possible. He separated church and state to marginalize religion’s influence. He despised biblical morality and bourgeois (middle class) values. Crosses were ripped from the public square in favor of swastikas. Prayer in schools was abolished and worship confined to churches. Church youth groups were forcibly absorbed into the Hitler Youth.

Hitler extolled public education, even banning private schools and home schooling. He instituted a “fundamental reconstruction of the whole national education program” controlled by Berlin. Similar to liberals’ cradle to career ideal, the Nazis established state administered early childhood development programs to indoctrinator the children against their parents, against freedom, against traditional values, while filling their heads with Nazi ideals.

Foreshadowing today’s far-left, Hitler claimed that the State” was to care for elevating national health. “Nanny State intrusions reflect that persons are not sovereign, but belong to the state.” Hitler even sought to outlaw meat, and blamed Germany’s health problems on the capitalist Jewish food industry. He pushed public service and smothered private charity with public programs.

Hitler’s election platform included an expansion of old age welfare, and universal healthcare which eventually meant death for the seriously ill, the frail, and the disabled. He also Hitler devised a jobs program demanding that “the state be charged first with providing the opportunity for a livelihood.” Germany became the culmination of Margaret Sanger’s eugenic vision.

Foreshadowing the United Nations, Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, Hitler bought into Rousseau’s romanticized primitive fantasies of living authentically in environs unspoiled by capitalist industry. As such, he was the first to enact environmentalist economic policies promoting sustainable development and regulating pollution.

Hitler imposed top down economic planning and social engineering, predicated on volkisch populism combining a Malthusian struggle for existence with a fetish for the “organic.” Wealth was thought static and “the common good superseded the private good” in a Darwinist search for “applied biology” to boost greater Germany.

The Nazis distrusted markets and abused property rights, advocating for confiscation of war profits and nationalization of associated industries. Although many businesses were nominally private, the state determined what was produced, in what quantities and at what prices.

Hitler’s policies unleased massive inflation to finance their prolific spending on public works, welfare and military rearmament and enforced price and wage controls to mask currency debasement’s harmful impact and rationing to hide shortages.

Our own left-wing progressive president, FDR, admired Mussolini because “the trains ran on time” and Stalin’s five year plan, while being jealous of Hitler because his economic tinkering appeared more successful than his own New Deal. But America wasn’t ready for FDR’s blatantly fascist Blue Eagle business model and the Supreme Court overturned several of his socialist designs. The greatest dissimilarity between FDR and fascists was the fact that FDR was less success transforming society because the Constitution obstructed him. 

After considering all the evidence, fascism (Nazis) could only be considered on the “right” if you are hopelessly falling off the “left” end of the scale,  or ascribed to Marxist eschatology perceiving that history marches relentlessly towards the final implementation of socialist Utopia.

Read Obama, Hitler, and Exploding The Biggest Lie in History by Bill Flax, Forbes

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