The Pope Promotes Global Education Alliance

Pope Francis published the list of participants invited to the Sept. 29th pan-Amazon Synod, a gathering to “concentrate on sustainability, the environment, and the spirituality of indigenous peoples.”  The list reads like a who’s who of communists, United Nation globalists, liberation theologist and two of the worlds most renowned promoters of abortion and population control, Jeffrey Sachs and Ban Ki-Moon.

I guess no one should really be surprised that Francis is hobnobbing with the world’s far-left activists to promote “climate justice,” especially after the press conference on his return from a visit to Africa where he reminded us that it is “our duty to obey international institutions,” such as the United Nations and the European Union.  Guess it must have slipped his mind that both are totalitarian communistic organizations controlled by dictators and thugs. 

To further our enlightenment to the communist cause, Francis has also created a new initiative, a secular approach to the new Catholic globalism he seems destined to pursue.  In a speech to the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences in May of this year, Francis rebuked the trend of nationalism among individual countries and the many tensions that “come from an excessive demand for sovereignty on the part of states.”   He claimed that the “nation-state” was no longer able to procure the “common good of its population alone” and while he believed they should have charge over some things, “groups of neighboring nations can strengthen their cooperation by attributing the exercise of certain functions and services to intergovernmental institutions that manage their common interests.”

His beliefs on globalism may help explain why Francis will host a global event under the Banner of “Reinventing the Global Educational Alliance” in May of next year. Invitations have already been sent to leaders of main-line religions, international organizations, various humanitarian institutions, key figures from the world of politics, economics, academia,  as well as athletes, scientists and sociologists to sign his “Global Pact on Education,” so as to “hand on to the younger generation a united and fraternal common home.”

According to a video promoting the event, this “global educational pact is needed to educate us in universal solidarity and a new humanism,” to “capitalize on our best energies” and to be “proactive” in “opening education to a long-term vision unfettered by the status quo.”

Quoting Hillary Clinton’s favorite aphorism, “It takes a village to raise a child,” Francis asserted the need to create an “educational village,” in which “all people, according to their respective roles, share the task of forming a network of open, human relationships,”  to “generates peace, justice and hospitality among all peoples, as well as dialogue between religions, where the “urgent need” to create an “ecological citizenship” based on sustainability and austere responsibility” can be achieved.

According to a website dedicated to the global pact, whether or not Francis is able to convince other religions to indoctrinate their children into his communistic liberation style theological treatise, all Catholic Schools will be using it to “create a global change of mentality through education.”

In a strikingly secular message containing only one throw-away reference to God, Bishop Athanasius Schneider observed that “however noble such aims as ‘human fraternity’ and ‘world peace’ may be, they cannot be promoted at the cost of relativizing the truth of uniqueness of Christ and His Church.”

In an age where Catholicism is in the midst of a hostile takeover by the far Left, Cardinal Robert Sarah reminds us that “…Everyone wants to impose their personal opinion as truth. But there is only one truth: Christ and His teaching. The gospel does not change. Our unity cannot be built around fashionable opinions….A man on his knees is more powerful than the world. It is an impregnable bulwark against atheism and the madness of men.“

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