Americans don’t realize that the safety promised by “red flag” laws will be dangerously lost, if red-flagged people become enraged. They are left free on the streets, where they can terrorize those who assaulted them with the new laws. No grounds or means for locking them up are included, a side effect of dropping traditional due process.

Promoters of new red-flag creations, by ignoring the safeguards of due process–well known “innocent unless proven guilty” standards that keep you free–introduced new dangers. By abandoning this fundamental safety net, they lifted restrictions that hold tyrants, bigots and other malfeasants at bay. A recent survey has shown that most Americans cannot even describe what due process is, let alone hold it up as a basic right to be honored or defended. Removing due process allows officials to act as if the public is guilty without the burdens of a trial–or even formal charges.

Red flag laws are only expected to be used against supposedly deadly dangerous psychotics, before they act out in spree murders, sort of “pre-crime.” Once officials take–without proper paperwork or court orders–firearms they can find in those people’s homes, the people are simply left alone. Any weapons officials miss, plus knives, gasoline, or firearms that can be easily obtained on the street–these remain with the flagged people. Nothing stops the supposedly murderous psychotics–if flag laws are applied as intended–to attack their suspected accusers, authorities or ambush anyone, in attempts to rebalance the scales of justice. Experts have been hard pressed to describe a more dangerous legalistic invention.

“Eliminating due process, and declaring people guilty without trial or representation, means totally abandoning the U.S. Constitution,” said Alan Korwin, author of ten books on gun law and consultant to JPFO. “We know democrats have been ignoring the rule of law, but this shows they know no bounds. Do they expect courts to support this? Or have the courts abandoned the rule of law as well?” When this comes home to roost, he says, you’ll really wish you had your right to keep and bear arms intact, as the Founders intended, for your own safety.


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