Prisoners to Decide Virginia’s Future?

While the left-wing dog and pony show to impeach President Trump for the crime of defeating their high priestess in 2015 has dominated the drive-by media for months, Virginia Democrats have taken the opportunity to submit proposed legislation that would make California’s politicians seem domesticated.

In addition to their gun grab, Democrats have submitted legislation that incudes letting murderers vote while in prison, in addition to allowing them to seek parole even if a court had sentenced them to life in prison at a time when parole did not exist.  Even Virginia serial killer Charles Severance would be eligible.

SB 91, submitted by Democrat Senator John Edwards of Roanoke and Representative Kaye Kory of Falls Church would repeal a 1995 law abolishing parole while requiring the Virginia Parole Board to consider parole for persons previously ineligible, including those convicted of murder by torture.   Since most willful and premeditated murders are Class 2 offenses under Virginia law, prisoners would be eligible for parole after serving 15 years.  

Another measure sponsored by the Democrats in both houses of the Virginia legislature would let felons who are currently in prison vote, regardless of their crime.  SJ 8 would amend Virginia’s Constitutional requirements to vote. Submitted by Senator Mamie E. Locke and House Representative Kaye Kory, SJ 8 would  strike the requirement that persons who have been convicted of a felony have their civil rights restored by the Governor before being eligible to vote.  In addition, it would also allow those adjudicated mentally incompetent to vote (not that they haven’t done so already).

Not even the crazy politicians in California let prisoners vote.  Currently only Vermont and Maine allow prisoners to vote by absentee ballot in the area where they last lived. They do not allow prisoners to vote as residents of the town that houses the prison so their votes can’t sway local elections if they vote as a block.  

In Virginia, that’s not the case. If prisoners could vote, local elections in a rural area could be dominated by a large prison bloc vote, resulting in law-abiding taxpayers losing control of their local government to prisoners.

And just in case there aren’t enough Democrat votes among prisons, Northam wrote to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in November to inform him that Virginia would welcome more refugees (illegals).  “Virginia’s lights are on and our doors are open, and we welcome new Virginians to make their homes here,” and of course, vote Blue.

Are you beginning to understand why they want to confiscate our guns? 

Source:  California Too Conservative for Some Virginia Dems  by Hans Bader,  Esquire, Bacon’s Rebellion

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