Bloomberg’s Campaign Changes Politics Across the US

Bloomberg’s money changes everything.. or does it?

As Trump did before him, the Bloomberg presidential campaign is going to shake up the Democrat establishment. That is true no matter what happens on election day. Mayor Mike will disrupt the establishment even if he tries to work with the Democrats, just as Trump did with the Republicans. That outcome lies in the very nature of politics. Politicians sell government power to special interests. Candidates promise to deliver later, if elected, in return for campaign contributions today. In contrast, Bloomberg is buying political interests directly and cutting out the democrat money men in the middle, and also cutting out some of the democrat special interests.

Bloomberg is buying political power wholesale rather than at retail political rates.

Forget what you were told in high school about how politics is supposed to work. We were told that government is supposed to do the things that are too difficult for groups of individuals to do on their own. If you think government works that way then you probably live in a Democrat controlled big city and have not been paying attention to the potholes in the roads. The only time “the public good” makes an appearance is when a political spokesman writes a press release.

The real business of politics is to get a bureaucrat between progress and someone with money. Politicians write legislation to concentrate benefits and distribute the costs.  That maximizes the size of the political payoff. The public good is nowhere to be seen. Let me briefly explain since that is a new idea to many.

You’re willing to spend thousand of dollars in to repair your driveway because you receive most of the benefit. You’re not willing to spend even one evening every month at the county board of supervisors meeting asking for better roads. The road contractors are willing to be at those meetings because the contract will be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. They have an incentive that you don’t have.. and that is why local contractors donate thousands and thousands of dollars to their favorite politicians.

Magnify that situation a thousand fold, and that is how Obama earned his millions, Pelosi and Biden earned their tens of millions, and Clinton earned her hundreds of millions. No matter what he does, Bloomberg will upset the existing network of kickbacks, and hundreds of millions of dollars are in play.

What will the special interests do if, like Trump, Bloomberg isn’t for sale? Billionaire Mayor Mike is used to having his way. Woe be unto you if you want to defend your family while you’re holding a large sugary soda. Those choices don’t fit with Mike’s world view. Even if Bloomberg says that he supports your cause, there is no promise of campaign contributions to make him keep his word. And Bloomberg is a politician.

You might not like Bloomberg, but his greatest opposition will come from the leaders of the Democrat party, and they already have their millions. Money talks, and the people who’ve been screwing is out of hundreds of millions of dollars a year are not easy to charm.

Bloomberg may be rich, but he doesn’t have enough money to buy all the people all the time. Given Bloomberg’s money, he has already bought ALL the advertising time for the next several years. Political candidates in every state might have to ask Bloomberg if they can run a political advertisement.. please, sir.

This election is going to be fascinating.

Rob Morse

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