New Name, Same Old Scam

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”   Sun Tzu, The Art of War

A June 2018 report by BP showed that greenhouse gas  emissions fell by 42 million tons in the first year of the Trump presidency, a larger drop than any other country, even those countries who are still stealing money from their citizens via carbon taxation.

With results like this why are the climate raptors still pushing a carbon tax? Perhaps a look at the people and corporations behind the latest scam will give you a hint.

Meet the Climate Leadership Council (CLC) cofounded in 2017 by James A. Baker, III, George P. Shultz, and Henry Paulson, as a means to push a carbon tax.  In order to accomplish this goal they plan on using their PAC, Americans for Carbon Dividends, to defeat Trump in 2020. The PAC, which receives the majority of its funding from big oil, is cochaired by former Republican Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott of Mississippi and former Democrat Senator John Breaux of Louisiana. 

Baker, Shultz and Paulson all served in the White House in varying capacities from the Nixon administration through George Bush.   Baker is leader of the CLC and honorary co-chair of the World Justice Project.  Schultz is a member of J.P. Morgan Chase’s International Advisory Council and board member of Citizen’s Climate Lobby.  Paulson, who served as CEO of Goldman Sachs, is responsible for the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 to bail out banks from their self-inflicted subprime mortgage crisis.

CLC boasts partnerships with AT&T, Ford, Goldman Sachs, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, JP Morgan, MetLife, Microsoft, Pepsico, Unilever, ConocoPhillips, Exxon, Shell, the World Wildlife Fund, World Resources International, Conservation International, and Vistra Energy, to name but a few. 

Their board consists of former Chairs of the Federal Reserve, Obama’s former Secretary of State; a left-wing activist bent on destroying capitalism who happens to be  executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change,  a founder of several left-wing organizations, an under-Secretary of Energy under Clinton, a Mitt Romney campaign  economic advisor,  a vice-Chair of the UN Committee for Sustainable Development, members of the Bilderberg’s, the founder of Imagine,  venture capitalists, an heir to the Walmart fortune, members of the Brookings Institute, and other left-wing  wealthy CEOs all with an agenda.

I know they say you shouldn’t judge a person by the friends they keep but nothing about this bunch sounds bipartisan, not even their plan to scalp American taxpayers which they jokingly named the Bipartisan Climate Roadmap.  This roadmap  pushes a $40 per ton national carbon tax with increases of 5% a year until they have sucked taxpayers dry.  A $40 carbon tax would immediately raise the price of oil about 133% just in the first year.

Naturally the scam has a hook!  The government is going to give you a “dividend” annually to cover the increase cost of energy.  The first year a family of 4 would receive $2,000. Every year the dividend would increase along with the carbon tax. Sounds like a nice dividend but let’s check the math!

In 2019 U.S. energy related emissions were 5.1 billion tons.  At $40 a ton, the cost to taxpayers would be $204 billion.  Divide that by 330 million Americans and you get a carbon tax costing each person $618.00 the first year, or $2,472 for a family of 4.  Even with that $2,000 check you’re still paying $472 a year more in energy costs.  And of course that doesn’t include the cost that is passed along to consumers for food, clothing, medicine, etc.

Under their Roadmap, 70% of low-income households would most likely receive more in dividends than they pay in carbon tax, leaving the other 30% of taxpayers to gag on the cost.  Rather than a dividend, it sounds more like a vote-buying, Marxist redistribution scheme doesn’t it?  But what else is new?

Simple math proves that a carbon tax would accomplish nothing but line the pockets of the world’s wealthy elite.  Even if the Carbon tax was only a nickel, you’d still be ripped off. 

A carbon tax has never been about saving the planet.  According to the U.N.. worldwide manmade emissions of greenhouse gases in 2019 were 55.3 billion.  The U.S. share was a mere 7.2 billion tons or just 13% of the total.  Even if we could eliminate that 7.2 billion tons, the rest of the world would still be emitting 48 billion tons with no plans to cut emissions and we’d be living in the dark ages. 

The carbon tax is not about the climate so much as it is about CLC members’ various economic, political and personal agendas.   Big Oil members like Exxon, Shell and BP want to regain control over the price of oil lost to the fracking revolution.  Nuclear utility Exelon and First Solar want to make fossil fuels more expensive to boost their bottom line.  Goldman Sachs is heavily invested in green technologies.  And we already know that the U.N. wants to rule the world.

The last time such a diverse cabal of powerbrokers united on climate was to push cap-and-trade, a different kind of carbon tax  during the late 2000s. It failed to gain support so now they are bringing it back – with a new name but the same old fraud just wrapped in a prettier package.

Source:  Sorry Virtue Signalers, A Carbon Tax Would Have No Impact on Climate by Steve Millory, Real Clear Markets;  Republicans Push Carbon Taxes, Franklin County VA Patriots.

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