The Envy Doctrine

Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.  Winston Churchill

“I want these billionaires to stop being freeloaders,” demands Elizabeth Warren during an interview with CNBC. 

 “Am I going to demand that the wealthy and large corporations start paying their fair share of taxes? Damn, right I will!” Bernie Sanders spewed at a CNN town hall.

Seems like envy, a very derisive idea exploited by spoiled children,  has now become the official mantra of the Democratic  Party.

The left wants you to believe that you are “poor” because someone else is “rich.”  You are expected to swallow the lie that the majority of the wealthy people of this nation got their money by stealing it from the rest of the people.  That is not true, even of the wealthy people running for president in the 2020 election.  The majority of rich Americans earned their money through hard work, smart investments and innovation.  Of course there are exceptions to every rule. 

Bernie Sanders, the lead communist in the 2020 race for president, is worth $12 million, a small sum compared to Bloomberg  and Tom Steyer, but still a significant fortune to the majority of Americans.  A profession bum until his 40’s, Bernie and his wife now own a 4 bedroom home in Burlington, a row house in the Capital, and a third vacation home on Lake Champlain, which he paid cash for.  I applaud him for his ingenuity but not for his honesty.  Most of his money was earned through capitalism, something he claims to despise.  

Unfortunately, we find envy in all cultures, and it seems that no matter how wealthy and equal a society gets or claims to be, there are always people who find the tiniest of trivia to envy. The fact that it refuses to go away implies that it too evolved and provides some form of survival advantage. But what?

Since envy is the fundamental drive of socialism, the left provides us with a clue of its function. One of the progressive mantras is that anyone who gains an advantage and comes into a position of power inevitably starts abusing and exploiting those at the bottom of the hierarchy. It probably echoes a phenomenon that has been a reality in all tribes throughout the ages. If this is true, envy can be thought of as a biological warning that motivates the dispossessed to pre-emptively strike against a potential future abuser and exploiter.

The bad news is that if envy is in our genes, socialism is not going to go away. Every generation faces another threat to liberty. Freedom is a constant struggle – because envy is a renewable resource. Sadly, there are no easy solutions to this problem.

To the left, suffering must be caused by the unequal distribution of stuff  and salvation can only be achieved by  the re-distribution of stuff. There’s no acknowledgment of spiritual issues. There’s just an assumption that if everyone is given equal stuff, all the problems in society will somehow dissolve.

Life is not fair, never has been and never will be.  Bad things happen to the good, the bad, the wise, the foolish, the just and the unjust, to the educated and uneducated in equal portions.  Justice and fairness is lacking in the natural world and it is the height of foolishness to expect anything else.   Wisdom lies in being able to mitigate through life by being prepared and making good decisions, not by demanding that government legislate equality.

You want fairness and equality?  Fairness would be everyone paying the same tax rate, from the lowest wage earner to the highest.  Today, nearly one-half of the U.S. population pays no income tax, while 53% of Americans pay all the income taxes.  The only thing that will change under the Democrats’ agenda is that everyone living in America, with the exception of the ruling elite, will be equally destitute.

Envy, one of the 7 deadly sins, comes from ignorance and a lack of belief in your own talents.  Bertrand Russel once said that envy was one of the most potent causes of unhappiness.  “Not only is the envious person unhappy by his envy, but they also wish to inflict misfortune on others.”

Source:  Socialism: Could It Be Genetic? by Onar Åm, Liberty Nation; Sorry If You’re Offended, but Socialism Leads to Misery and Destitution by David Harsany, Reason

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