Your Business is Essential

What the hell is an essential job and an essential business? Who is more essential, the cop, or the kid in the mall-kiosk who fixes my phone? Fortunately, that decision shouldn’t be up to a politician or a judge. It should be up to you.. every day.

We want meat and fish in the grocery stores, so we make meat processors essential. We can’t get our steaks because we need to have the test kits that prove our meat was cut and processed under sanitary conditions. Now we make the test-kit manufacturers essential. We still can’t get meat because we ran out of plastic wrap and foam trays. Now we make packaging manufacturers essential too. Soon, you can’t get meat because we need printed paper labels, bottles of ink, and automated label printers. Now the paper, laminating, and printing industries are essential. Accountants, bookkeepers, buyers and billing clerks are essential so that those materials move into and out of firms.

Do you know how many chemicals are in an ink-formulation,
and all of them are all essential or your kids don’t get their fish or sausages.

Let me go at this from another perspective. Plastic surgeons inject botox, and that seem like an optional medical procedure. Plastic surgeons also repair the stumps of amputated limbs, and I’d call that pretty damn essential. So would you if you have any imagination and empathy. Everyone is essential, from the shoemaker to the gal selling magazines and newspapers.

A politician is the last person we’d want to decide who gets arrested for breaking quarantine.

Let my people go.

Rob Morse

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