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Did you know that Iranians held a candlelight vigil for George Floyd? Did you know that murals of Floyd with the words “I can’t breathe” were painted on the Berlin Wall and on a landmark in the Adlib province of Syria? Did you know that English Premier League soccer players took a knee at midfield, and soccer stars in Germany marked goals scored by displaying the message “Justice for George Floyd”?

A single act of police brutality in the United States has sparked large protests in Paris, Toronto, Copenhagen, Dublin, Rio de Janiero, Milan, Mexico City and countless other cities. Streets in Vancouver, Canada, had to close to accommodate thousands of demonstrators. Black Lives Matter activists in London shouted “Hands up, don’t shoot” at British police, who by the way, don’t carry guns.   Eight thousand miles from the Minneapolis street where the tragedy took place, tens of thousands turned out to protest in Auckland, New Zealand.

Why the unprecedented paroxysm of outrage over an incident in Midwestern America?  Hint: The drive-by media exists outside of the U.S.

Argentina’s largest newspaper headlines: “Protests and Looting Throughout the U.S.” Mexico’s Diaro 24 Horas: “Anti-Racist Anger at the Gates of the White House.” Italy’s La Stampa: “Looting, Fighting and Curfew: the U.S. at War.” The West Australian: “U.S.A. at War With Itself.” Germany’s Bild: “This Killer-Cop Set America Ablaze.”

They are marveling at the grand, messy spectacle of America tearing itself apart. It is captivating entertainment—like an epic reality television show of celebrity humiliation and self-destruction.

And who seems to be enjoying it most? Authoritarian governments like Iran and China who have suddenly become the high-minded defenders of justice and freedom, in so far as they can use the destruction to “castrate” America. 

Mohammed Zarif, Iran’s foreign minister, tweeted: “Some don’t think #BlackLivesMatter. To those of us who do: it is long overdue for the entire world to wage war against racism. Time for a #WorldAgainstRacism.”  Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Abbas Mousavi published a rare English-language statement “to the American people,” saying Iran stands with them against “state oppression.” Does anyone feel like taking lessons from the Islamic Republic of Iran on how to combat state oppression?

When a U.S. State Department spokesperson tweeted criticism of Communist China’s crackdown on Hong Kong, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson tweeted back a three-word response: “I can’t breathe,” and later tweeted that “All lives matter. We stand firmly with our African friends. We strongly oppose all forms of racial discrimination and inflammatory expressions of racism and hatred.” This is awfully high-minded, coming from a nation that just expelled hundreds of African migrants into the streets of Guangzhou in April, the latest example of decades of racial hostility toward Africans in their country.

Turkish President Erdoğan bemoaned the “racist and fascist approach” of U.S. police and “the unjust order we stand against around the world.” This from a man who has used Turkey’s military to punish and purge dissenters and transform his nation from a parliamentary democracy into an authoritarian state.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry publicly spoke out against America’s history of “unjustified violence” by police and condemned officers for detaining Russian journalists. As Foreign Policy noted, this came just days after several Russian journalists were jailed for supporting an activist who was imprisoned after criticizing Russian law enforcement. The irony gets worse – 150 journalists have been murdered in Russia since Putin first came to power in 2000. 

Does Communist China really care about Floyd or is Iran genuinely concerned about racism, or Russia care about freedom of the press?  No. They want to destroy America. And as America bleeds and burns, they see an opportunity.  Many people in America have the same goal and in their efforts to destroy this country, they are dragging a lot of terribly foolish people along with them.

A lot of the unrest in America is being supported and organized by radical leftists like the Democratic Socialists of America,  Antifa, the Workers World Party, Communist Party USA, Liberation Road, Socialist Alternative and Black Lives Matter who, whether gradually or suddenly, openly or secretly, want to destroy this nation. 

Hollywood celebrities are paying rioters’ bail money.  Big Corporations are falling all over themselves to make outlandish statements about white supremacy, systemic racism, the genocide of blackness and the violence of ‘whiteness’  while releasing ads to align their brands and business practices with the rioters.  Politicians stand up and proclaim that looting and burning and violence is right and just.

You are witnessing the death of a great nation and no wonder – there seems to be little intelligent life within the far left political realm.

Civilizations do die. And great civilizations don’t gently decline: They tend to die violently.

Source:  America’s Self-Inflicted Race Wound by Joel Hilliker, The Trumpet

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