2020- The Year We Were Played

The chinese called it the year of the rat, but so far, 2020 has been the year of the manipulated citizen. Politicians and the legacy media have been spinning the news to an amazing degree. We were sold the Wuhan flu epidemic. With an interlude for Murder Hornets, we were sold that systematic racism in the USA gave rise to spontaneous riots. Instead of swallowing the political narrative of the week, let’s dig a little deeper and see what truths we can uncover.

The flu, the whole flu, and nothing but the flu- Politicians in deep blue states said they would enforce mandatory lockdowns and social isolation until we had a vaccine for the Wuhan flu. Public health was the excuse. In contrast, we see that the fraction of us who died from the Wuhan flu are highest in deep blue states. We conducted an inadvertent epidemiological experiment on cruise ships, on naval vessels, and in college dorms. One college closed, but had to retain 1200 college students who couldn’t go home. They finished the academic year from their dorms. They ended the year without an active case of the Wuhan flu. The rate of infection and death were far lower than the US CDC projected.

We also learned that socialized medicine is horrible. Most of the deaths from the Wuhan flu were in the New York metropolitan area. Patients who had been critically ill with the virus were sent to convalescent homes to recover while the patient was still sick and spreading the virus. Convalescent homes also house elderly people who have chronic illness and require long term care. In short, New York public health officials put some of the most contagious patients among the most vulnerable population. That failure ranks with white settlers giving blankets infected with smallpox to native americans. New York and New Jersey politicians blamed the virus for their mistakes, and the media let them.

Recently, we have state funded “contact tracers” in New York who want to know your personal contacts if you come down with the flu. These contact tracers are explicitly told not to ask if the sick person was at a public demonstration. Politicians and their legacy media called Trump rallies a needlessly dangerous sources of infection. In contrast, riots and looting were called healthy expressions of political opinion. Some demonstrations are more equal than others.

San Francisco has horrible public health conditions with widespread homelessness and drug use. It was easier for California politicians to put the law-abiding population into lockdown than to reverse decades of bad public health practices and clean up their streets.

In early 2021 when the numbers are in, the epidemiologists might conclude that the Wuhan flu was simply a difficult strain of the flu. We learned that politicians will never let an “epidemic” go to waste, even if they have to create one.

Racism is horrible..until politicians need it- The media and politicians weren’t done with us. A policeman in Minneapolis used horrible police practice and killed a black man. Peaceful protests were quickly taken over by looting and riots. These rioters soon killed more innocent black shop owners in a few days of “protests” than the police have killed all year. We’ve seen honest black law enforcement officers murdered by thugs, but not all black lives matter. We were exposed to the horrible sight of black men and women being beaten as they begged the looters not to set fire to the store because people lived on the second floor above the store.

We were told that cities which have been under democrats/socialists control for generations were suddenly suffering from systematic racism. I think these cities were suffering from the bad public policy their citizens voted into office. As one clear example, we saw Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot use the police to forcefully close churches, while the mayor simultaneously promoted large public protests that furthered her political aims. True to form, Chicago politicians put their political power before the public good.

The legacy media said these were spontaneous racial demonstrations.. where politically connected lawyers just happened to be handing out bricks and gasoline bombs. The media told us that Black Lives Matter was a trying to stop racism, but you’re called a racist is you say that all black lives matter, even black babies in the womb. To me, the BLM and AntiFa website read like a mashup of the communist and socialist political platforms. Those policies have certainly not helped black or poor people in the USA. Their claim that silence is violence sounds a lot like Orwell’s Big Brother claiming war is peace. The same socialists politicians who said that only the police should have guns then came out and told us to eliminate the police.

The more I learn, the more I see a political agenda behind the sound-bite solutions.

We saw socialist politicians blame Trump for the Wuhan flu. We saw socialist politicians destroy their local economy while claiming to act for public health. We saw politicians look on in envy as socialist thugs extorted businesses in their city using race as an excuse.

This is an election year, and we’re being emotionally manipulated by the media and politicians. Keep your sympathies in check until you know the relevant facts. Learn and speak the truth because November is five long months away.

Rob Morse

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