Gates is actively stoking the fires of fear.  He warns that this fall “COVID-19 will be back in big numbers, if we don’t restrict and restrain our behavior better than we are now.   Governments, he complained, are not “tough enough” on contact tracing or enforcing quarantines.  “Normalcy cannot return until we have an almost perfect drug to treat COVID-19, or when every person on the planet has been vaccinated against coronavirus.”   In short, obey Gates and his favored “experts” or doom will befall us all.

A COVID-19 vaccine has not even arrived and already some doctors are advocating for compulsory vaccination. Gates himself says, “We need to manufacture and distribute at least 7 billion doses of the vaccine.” With polls showing only 50% of the population planning on taking a COVID-19 vaccine, presumably, Gates and vaccine manufactures are banking on the government making the vaccine mandatory.

According to Gates there are no less than 115 COVID-19 vaccine candidates in the works but only 8 to 10 look particular promising.  And while he has promised funding for at least 7 of these vaccines, he is more excited for a new technique that uses DNA or RNA material to generate a response.   Rather than injecting a pathogen’s antigen into your body, you give the body the genetic code needed to produce that antigen itself.   Bill says his foundation has been working on RNA vaccines for nearly a decade for other diseases including malaria. 

The first vaccines don’t have to be perfect according to Gates – an efficacy rate of 60% would be enough to lead to herd immunity and then researchers could get to work developing an even better vaccine that would be given to babies in the future.  Older people, he explained, might need a much higher dose to be protected.  I don’t know about you but considering Gates involvement with the U.N.’s depopulation agenda, I’m not convinced these vaccines are about defeating a virus.

Gates desire for a planet-wide COVID-19 vaccination ignores a number of irrefutable obstacles. The biggest one is that SARS-CoV-2 has already mutated into at least 30 different genetic variants, including 19 never seen before as well as “rare changes that scientists had never imagined could happen.” Knowledge about these mutations may prove useful to researchers wanting to better tailor their COVID-19 treatments, but the proliferation of mutations makes the chances of developing an effective vaccine immensely more uncertain.

While researchers like to play up RNA vaccine safety, citing the fact that the vaccines do not have to penetrate the cell nucleus, yet with years of experimentation behind them and, despite successes in animals, this strategy has never yielded a vaccine approved for human use.  Why? One answer may be that in preclinical studies, RNA vaccines have displayed an “intrinsic” inflammatory component that makes it difficult to establish an “acceptable risk/benefit profile.”

They also admit that they do not have an adequate understanding of the inflammation and autoimmune reactions that may result. This raises many questions about what will happen if regulators grant the manufacturers of COVID-19 RNA vaccines their wish for “a fast-track process to get RNA vaccines to people sooner.” 

Our cells use RNA to instruct their builders to make proteins all the time; the RNA is like the blueprints or schematics that tell the workers on the factory floor what to build. An RNA vaccine injects instructions to your cells, and hopes that your cells receive these instructions and follow them, and build the proteins that will teach your immune system to fight a virus. It is a bit like wadding up plans for a Cessna, throwing them through the ventilation shaft of a Ford factory, and hoping that someone inside finds them, and that the factory starts rolling airplanes out its doors instead of pickups.

The hijacking of nearly all economic, social, artistic and religious activity by COVID-19 is disturbing on many levels, not least because of what it reveals about the public’s uncritical acceptance of official spin and its yearning for medical silver bullets.

The public needs to take a critical look at the industry’s disincentives for safety and also take a firm stand against the horrifying prospect of coronavirus vaccine mandates. Otherwise, genetically engineered COVID-19 vaccines are likely to start permanently altering genes, triggering autoimmunity and serving as the catalyst for other vaccine injuries or deaths, and—unhampered by any legal liability—none of the commercial or government actors responsible will likely care.

Gates good intentions don’t matter.  What matters is that he has access to world leaders who have coercive powers.  Supervillains coerce and harm.  Successful entrepreneurs serve and enrich humanity.  Gates should return to his entrepreneurial roots.

Source:  Bill Gates: From Entrepreneur to Supervillain by Barry Brownstein, American Institute for Economic Research; COVID-19: The Spear Point for Rolling Out a “New Era” of High-Risk, Genetically Engineered Vaccines , Children’s Health Defense Team; COVID-19 Vaccines Are Coming, but They’re Not What You Think by Graeme Wood, The Atlantic

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