Without Moral Certainty Freedom is Lost

liberty“Our free civilization was built upon the moral certainty that there exists in the scheme of life a great ideal of ‘right action,’ a Natural Law of proportion and sanity that permeates existence,’ an order in the universe which [we] can discover and according to which the human will must act so that it can attune itself to the universal harmony….We do not make this law, but are made to live within it.”  George P. Grant, Philosophy In A Mass Age

Pervasive disorder is a deadly thing that has seeped into our culture like nerve gas quietly permeating the brains of combatants in war. It has overcome us because our so-called intellectuals, who are supposed to guide us toward freedom and sanity, have defaulted on the role given to them by the nature of their being.  It is a  moral disorder whose destructive advance can only be checked and reversed if belief in moral truth still prevails in the wellsprings of our minds.

Moral truth is the only power that can reverse the plague of disorder we see around us. But, if it is to be resurrected, we must rediscover the “philosophical good”  that is if it has not been completely eroded beyond retrieval. If we have overstepped the bounds of “philosophical good” then our fate will be that of flies in the winter, fading into oblivion, like those who violate the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God,  foolishly thinking that the Laws can be circumvented because we are “enlightened. 

The nefarious sources of our disorder are manifold; but there is one fundamental source that stands above all others. It is the soothing belief whispered into our collective conscience a century ago by those bent on the destruction of our freedom, that there is no moral truth, that morality is relative, that we should be able to do our “own thing” instead of the “right thing.” Certainty in life does not exist, it is but a myth held by deluded and backward people. 

This fallacy of moral relativism undercuts all that is good and true throughout history. Certainty and its corollary of “moral truth” are indeed possible for humans. We understood this at one time in our past. And, if we are to regain its grasp, we must restore the intellectual pillar that built our civilization – they synthesis of reason, experience and intuition.

Truth comes not from Reason as the philosophers tell us or from Experience as the historians and the scientists tell us.  And it comes not from Intuition as the religionists tell us.  It comes from the synthesis of all three. This is the gift that the greatest thinkers possessed, the ability to synthesize all three without even knowing they were doing it. It came natural and created the immense profundity of their thought.

So when these pseudo-intellectuals try to tell you that certainty doesn’t exist, tell them “NOT SO.” Life is filled with certainties. We can be certain that a society of Jeffersonian liberty is superior to a society of social welfarism; that those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat its follies; that fabricating the facts of reality is wrong; that two plus two can never be five; that murder, theft and rape are heinous crimes for all eras and cultures; that corn flakes are a better breakfast than heroin; that objective law is superior to anarchy; that reason trumps sophistry; that faith, hope and charity are better values to teach than cynicism and greed; and that love is the great, galvanizing spark that has instilled truth, goodness and beauty into human existence. Life is filled with certainties.

Tell them that the most paramount of certainties we must recover is moral certainty without which freedom is lost. It is what gives us the strength to govern ourselves.

If we do not govern ourselves from within, dictators will govern us from without. There can be so such thing as a life of appetites unleashed.

“Our so-called intellectuals are the “new totalitarians.” They subtly sneak into our rationales a little more each year to robe us of our honor and courage. They call themselves “liberals” or “progressives.” They bamboozle our children into doubting the majesty of the Founders vision. They lust for limitless government authority over their fellows because it is the nature of wolves to prey on the defenseless.” Nelson Hultberg

Source: Moral Disorder, Americans for a Free Republic

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