Medicare for Control

With the Democratic National Convention only three weeks away, over 360 delegates have signed a pledge to reject any platform that doesn’t include “Medicare for All.”   Bernie Sanders’ delegates from Nevada spearheaded the pledge, and while it’s predominantly backed by Sanders delegates, some of Joe Biden’s delegates have signed on.  Progressive Democrats of America and, two left-wing activist groups, also plan to endorse the petition.

Would Medicare for All be an effective treatment to the disease plaguing our country’s health care market?   Actually, it would put those individuals that use health services the most at the mercy of unelected bureaucrats whose only job would be to cut costs – at any cost.  

Government controlled Health care means that all resources will be controlled and regulated through government employees.  What the government deems not necessary will not be carried out.  Faith based hospitals, in order to participate in the program, would be required to offer reproductive services which is code for murdering babies in the womb.  Those unwilling to do abortions,  sterilizations, or give granny the exit pill she “needs” would not be accepted at medical schools or employed in any capacity at hospitals. 

Will birth require a government permit?  Will children with birth defects be allowed to live? Will Medicare for All favor the elite at the expense of the peasants?  Do you remember the good ‘ole days when people talked about keeping the government “out of their bedroom”? Well, how about the government being not only in your bedroom, but in your bathroom, your living room, your kitchen, and your refrigerator? Everything you and I do affects our health. Hence, everything we do possibly affects the cost of keeping us healthy.

Because of the pressure of rationed health care, and trust me, it will be rationed,  and because children will no longer be brought up with the idea that all important decisions in our life are theirs, an inevitable change will take place in the way in which people look at their lives. The nagging thought as we grow older will not be “When will I get old and sick,  and how will I deal with it?”, but rather “When will I get old and sick, how much care will be allowed, and when will it be cut off?” With so much of the control of their lives being taken away by the government, many will grab for the control that is left to them via euthanasia.

If the government takes over health care it will have to limit the cost of any health insurance system because the Federal government is deeply in dept. According to the U.S. Treasury the national deficit in June 2020 was $864 Billion which is $856 Billion larger than June 2019.  The U.S. Debt Clock in 2018 listed unfunded liabilities for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid at $122 Trillion which is estimated to be $157 Trillion by 2023.  There is no money to spare. 

Which brings up the question as to why anyone in D.C. would want to take over health care considering the dire financial condition of the nation?  It is not to improve health care, it couldn’t possibly be. It is to centralize power in the Federal government. But as they centralize they will have to save money on health care costs.

The money would be saved mainly at the beginning and ending of life. This is simply because that it is at the beginning and ending of life that most health care dollars are spent. This then means that there would be more pressure for abortion of children who have birth defects and even more incentive to limit care at the end of life.  Those who contend that this would not happen are either not thinking, or lying to you.

Remember, the government has no interest in lengthening the lives of retirees. They don’t produce anything, they simply take.  Yes, I know, they have given their all when they were working but you have to start thinking like a government bureaucrat!  So if hospital stays are shorter, and if treatments likely to lengthen life are omitted, then the old person will die earlier and money will be saved. An extra bonus for the government is that a dead person does not take a social security check.

Rather than destroying the entire system of public and private insurance by enacting Medicare for All,  Congress needs to enact new policies that will expand coverage and personal choices, break down barriers to market competition, make health insurance portable,  eliminate the bureaucracy and paperwork requirements  under our current system and thus lower health care costs for millions of Americans.

Medicare for All is not about your health – it’s a power play

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