Ignore What Government Says, Watch What They Do

The post-covid-19 world is a surrealistic nightmare.  On top of the economic destruction, the left is calling for mandatory vaccinations.  “Make vaccines free – don’t allow religious or personal objections – create disincentives for those who refuse,” yada, yada, yada.

Considering that it normally takes up to 4 years for a new vaccine to make it through trials and come to market, how do they expect us to trust any vaccine rushed into production as safe?  There is no vaccine currently available that is 100% safe or 100% effective, neither will there ever be.

Vaccines are given to healthy people as prevention,” says Dr. David Relman, Stanford University professor of microbiology and immunology and senior fellow at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies. “You don’t want to make healthy people sick.”   Preventive vaccines don’t treat or cure sickness – they prime your immune system to fight a potential disease.

A virus can’t reproduce on its own. It infects a host cell, travels to the nucleus and hijacks the cell’s genetic material, forcing it to make more viruses.  It can take several days for our immune system to produce enough properly shaped antibodies to kill the invading pathogens.  During that time, a fast acting pathogen, which can replicate billions of copies of itself, is a critical health threat.  And, technically, during the time the immune system works to produce these antibodies, you are infected with the virus and can pass it on to others.

Immune systems aren’t perfect. In some patients, they respond to infections with an overreaction that causes inflammation in the lungs, a condition known as acute respiratory distress syndrome. This has been seen in flu and coronavirus patients.

Several decades ago, the CDC decided to eliminate tuberculosis from the United States. The plan was to test everyone with PPD and treat all the positive PPD patients with a drug called INH. This plan had to be stopped after 50 patients died from liver failure due to INH toxicity.  The liver toxicity was missed by small-scale clinical trials but was discovered by the much-larger-scale public health program.

Neither the CDC nor the FDA can know that a treatment or vaccine is safe. The more people are vaccinated, the more side effects will be discovered. This is a huge ethical problem for mandatory vaccination.

Seriously, if they were so certain that this vaccine is harmless, why was it necessary for government to indemnify the vaccine manufacturers against liability prior to production?  

This is a clear case where one should ignore what government says and watch what government does. Government clearly knows something that is not being disclosed to the public. This is the opposite of transparency, yet anyone who opposes vaccination is labeled as stupid, uniformed, or inadequately concerned about their elderly neighbors.

A risk for any new medication or vaccine is not known ahead of time. Some risks will not be manifest until years later. Consider a hypothetical situation where a vaccine causes sterility ten years later. There would be no way to detect this risk ahead of time. Imagine that all of humanity is forced to be vaccinated.   Humanity would be wiped out when the last person dies.

But no matter how small the risk for an existential threat, why would humanity take this chance over something as ordinary as a bad flu? Rather than treating antivaxxers as a threat to civilization, we should be grateful that some people will always volunteer to be controls in our medical experiments by declining treatment.

Mandatory vaccination can never be justified.  If a vaccine were clearly 100% safe and efficacious, there would be no need for coercion; people would voluntarily line up to take it.   Judgments about risk versus benefit can only be made by individuals facing the risk.

People who decline vaccines are not stupid, nor are they misinformed or have callous disregard for their neighbors. Vaccine skeptics are necessary as controls in ongoing assessment of efficacy and safety.  They are a necessary hedge against catastrophic errors by so-called experts.

Source:  Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccination Is Unethical and Unscientific by Dr. Gilbert Berdine, Mises Institute;  Why a coronavirus vaccine is more than a year away, despite medical researchers’ progress by George Petras, Ramon Padilla, and Veronica Bravo, USA TODAY

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