NICS NEEDS TO BE FIXED The same way you fix a dog

Civil and human rights advocates have warned you for decades.

The federal government is commandeering the right to bear arms,
and turning it into an option they’ll control, using “NICS” so-called background checks.

The national background check has not disarmed rioters, criminals, arsonists, looters, BLM, but it has been malevolently used to prevent innocent Americans from getting firearms in times of crisis.

Shame on those citizens who waited to get armed until desperate times.
They had to go without adequate training, and were locked out of stores in the end.

No government agents have been jailed for denial of civil rights which now takes place daily.
Abuse of the system was predictable, foretold, continues. It’s time for action.

NICS generates 95+% false positives according to studies by the Crime Prevention Research Center. Criminals remain armed. Virtually no one banned goes to trial. It’s time to neuter NICS.

Anti-rights groups like the Bradys and Bloomberg Moms brag they stop millions of criminals from buying guns at retail, so reporters should ask—where are convictions for these felonies (it’s a crime for criminals to even touch guns). Did they eventually get armed anyway, isn’t there followup once we find the felons? How many people stopped were innocent and harmed by civil-rights denials?

NICS is little more than a federal jobs program. Decades prove it has done virtually nothing to stop crime, or disarm criminals, but it has denied the rights of millions of innocent Americans to exercise their constitutional rights. It compiles extensive lists of Americans who have done nothing wrong, and refuses a meaningful audit. BATFE, the agency behind NICS, behaves like a gang of thugs, documented by JPFO (and others, q.v., “The Gang” DVD), involved in heinous murders and malfeasance, needing dissolution.

Fix NICS like the dog it is.


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