Will Obama’s Disastrous Middle East Policies Be Reinstated?

A possible Joe Biden presidency might not bring joy to the hearts of the majority of sane American voters but Hamas and the Palestinian Authority are beside themselves with glee.

PA President Mahmoud Abbas is looking forward to working with Biden to undo everything Trump has achieved in the Middle East.  From Abbas’ perspective, the Trump administration was the worst they had ever encountered.  Trump reversed decades of US policy which blamed Israel for the lack of peace in the region, putting the blame rightly where it lay, at the feet of terrorists who wanted to annihilate Israel.  Trump cut funding to the Palestinian Authority for supporting terrorism and recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.  Abbas demands that Biden return the embassy to Tel Aviv.

Hamas terrorist leader, Ismail Haniyeh, is also calling on Biden to undo what he refers to as the “historical discriminatory” policy toward the Palestinian people and return to peace negotiations in progress when Obama left the White House in 2016.  Will that happen?

Biden claims he’s a friend of Israel but it just isn’t so.  It was Obama-Biden that rewarded the Palestinian Authority (PA) with taxpayer dollars despite it handing out millions of dollars to terrorists for killing Americans and Israelis.  It was Obama-Biden that pressured Israel to withdraw to indefensible borders, release Palestinian terrorists from jail, divide Jerusalem, refrain from building homes, etc.  It was Obama-Biden that refused to even acknowledge the PA’s murderous track record and its refusal to recognize Israel as a legitimate Jewish state.

It was Obama-Biden that got in bed with Iran, the world’s single largest state sponsor of terrorism. It was Obama-Biden that made outlandish deals with an enemy of not only Israel but the United States.  It was Obama-Biden who gave Iran a clear pathway to nuclear weapons and billions of taxpayer dollars, $1.8 billion to be specific, flown out in the dead of night.  And if and when he is sworn in, it is Biden who pledges to re-enter the Iran deal even with Iran’s threats of annihilating the US and Israel.

It was Obama-Biden that refused to oppose the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment and Sanction (BDS) movement, whose  co-founder  freely admitted was to “eliminate the  Zionist state.”   And, on their way out of the White House, it was Obama-Biden that betrayed Israel by orchestrating the U.N. Resolution 2334 that falsely claimed the Old City of Jerusalem was “occupied Palestinian territory.”  And if that wasn’t bad enough it was Obama-Biden who instigated the humiliation of Israel’s U.N. Ambassador Danon by having every other ambassador at the Security Council table stand and applaud the Resolution’s passage.  As Ambassador Haley said with respect to the UN’s bias against Israel, “what really broke my heart…was how much the Obama-Biden administration contributed to it.”

While we cannot say definitely that Biden would return to the disastrous policies he supported as Obama’s VP, it stands to reason that he is not a friend of Israel and neither is Kamala Harris.  Not only did she vote against a BDS bill in the Senate that extended an existing loan guarantee program with Israel, as attorney general of California, she refused to act against anti-Semitic activities on college campuses.   And in 2019, she defended Democrat Representative Ilhan Omar, when she alleged that U.S. politicians are supporting Israel because of money they received from pro-Israeli organizations.

But it was an interview with the Arab American News during a campaign stop in Dearborn, Michigan, that laid bare her true feelings toward Israel.  She promised to create a Palestinian state inside of Israel’s borders and freeze the number of Jews permitted to work and live in Judea and Samaria.  She also promised to appoint a special envoy to an Islamic organization that Turkey has attempted to organize as a huge military force focused on wiping Israel off the map.  In addition she claims she will rescind the “un-American” Muslim travel and refugee ban, raise the annual refugee admissions target to 125,000; protect Dreamers and their families; and reverse the public charge rule that makes permanent resident status contingent on household income.  Biden has also stated a commitment to these goals.

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