Confiscation Clock 1 Minute Closer to Midnite

Second Amendment Threat Is Growing 
Blatant level of threats even without final election results increases tensions.

President Trump and the nation are waiting to see the results of the Georgia election, to know who will control the U.S. Senate, and possibly the entire country. The president is driving the left and news media bonkers while he waits to learn all final results of the election, and everyone should be outraged at how long it is taking, a fubar nightmare now under investigation. The debacle in Pennsylvania, from illegally closing off viewing windows and denying access, to an 860,000 vote swing to Biden in the dead of night, needs resolution. But it is the boldness of Democrat’s attacks on the First, Second and Fourth Amendments specifically, leading up to and after the election that merits advancing the JPFO Gun Confiscation Clock ahead by one minute, no matter the election’s final outcome. One example of each violated Amendment clarifies, though there are many:

• Closing arms supply stores, or threatening punishment if the citizenry goes legally armed, should earn swift response from the militia, as it was understood in original times—the citizenry itself rising up, prepared, in times of crisis to prevent tyranny and unrest. Proposed bills from last session were blatant infringements, handing arbitrary controls to authorities.

• Preventing places of worship from assembling for prayer, especially when secular or political assemblies are approved, is such rank hypocrisy and exercise of uncontrolled power the perpetrators belong removed from office and cannot recover from the offense they gave.

• But it is the recent usurpation of power, nowhere delegated or contemplated in the Bill of Rights, to control how many people may enter a private home at Thanksgiving, that finally nudges the clock’s hands. It earns the people who issue such edicts arrest. Calling an officer treasonous who would refuse to enforce such a Fourth Amendment violation is to shift blame from the person committing the offense to the one obeying the law. Resisting and repelling such invasive behavior is why we the people are armed.

One minute may be too small a change, but so much is only pending. Time remains to save the Republic from loss of our Constitution.


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