Selling America, Part 1

Precious little has been written about the influence and leverage that the People’s Republic of China has over American corporations and why Americans are kept in the dark. Me thinks it has a lot to do with the close personal ties between large American corporations and the Chinese Communist Party which also helps explain in part why the ruling elite were willing to destroy America to get rid of Trump.

Take the New York Times for instance.  Carlos Slim, the largest shareholder who controls almost one-third of the Board, has close personal ties to Chinese companies controlled by the Communist Party.  His company, Giant Motors, recently signed a partnership with JAC Motors, a Chinese government-owned automaker, to produce electric vehicles at its plants in Hidalgo, Mexico.

Jeff Bezos, as CEO of Amazon, makes mega profits off two of their best selling products, Echo and Kindle, manufactured in China by low-wage, low-skill workers.  In addition, as owner of the Washington Post, Bezos is accepting money from the Chinese Communist Party to include a supplement in the Post called “China Watch” which is nothing more than propaganda written by the Chinese government’s official media arm.   

CNN is owned by Warner Media which has very close ties to China.  They have a $50 million investment in China Media Capital, a private (wink, wink) company subject to the censorship of the Chinese government.  It is worth remembering how CNN fawned over the Chinese reaction to the Wuhan Virus.

Both MSNBC and NBC are owned by NBC Universal who has a partnership with China’s state-run media, Xinhua, to cooperate on international news.  According to the US State Department Xinhua is a Chinese propaganda outfit tied directly to the Communist Party.  Even more interesting is the fact that NBC Universal sold DreamWorks  to CMC Partners, an investment group tied to the Communist Party.  

ABC has the strongest ties with the Chinese economy. The Chinese government and state-owned enterprises provided significant support for the $3.6 trillion cost of building a Disney World in Shanghai. ESPN, another ABC property, during the fracas over an NBA coach’s criticism of the Chine regime, told staff to not disparage the Communist regime and, where possible, to avoid the topic entirely.

Bloomberg is heavily invested, to the tune of $150 billion, in Chinese bond markets which goes a long way to explain why he refuses to call the People’s Republic of China  a dictatorship.  In 2014 Bloomberg squashed a story about the wealth of the Chinese Communist Party elites and leveraged a nondisclosure agreement to silence both a reporter based in Beijing and his wife, neither of whom had ever worked for Bloomberg.

China Radio International is the Communist equivalent of Radio Free Europe, broadcasting Communist propaganda all around the world.  They own ten radio stations in major US markets that include Atlanta, Houston, Boston, Las Vegas and two in D.C. metro area.   It can also be accessed basically anywhere in the world via Internet or shortwave.

The Chinese’s penetration in the American media is not limited to just a few AM radio stations.  In 2012 they purchased both the AMC  theater chain and Carmike Cinemas, forming the largest chain of theaters in the US.  Dalian Wanda has been very candid about its intention to use ownership to promote Chinese interests in the U.S.  The bottom line is, don’t expect to see any films about Tibet or the Hong Kong protests in AMC theaters anytime soon.

In 2016, Dalian Wanda also purchased Legendary Entertainment, the studio  responsible for such international hits as: Godzilla: King of the Monsters, The Dark Knight, Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom and many others.  A deal to purchase 49% of Paramount Pictures fell through however Paramount did form a partnership with Chinese Media companies Shanghai Film Group and Huahua Media.

Chinese companies are now in control of Riot Games, Epic Games, and Cryptic Studios allowing them to insert various forms of subtle propaganda into our children’s favorite games.  The real concern, however, might be the technological and military capabilities that China has access to when they purchased these game companies.  The United States military has worked in the past with large research universities to come up with realistic training simulations leveraging emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

And let’s not forget TikTok, the Chinese social media platform popular with Zoomers that is little more than spyware.  Trump moved to have it banned or at least have it sold to an American company. 

Trump also announced in February 2020 that the five state run Chinese media companies – China Daily, CorpChina Global, China Radio Int’l, Hai Tian Development and Zinhua News – would be treated as foreign embassies. In June Trump added China Central TV, China News, the Global Times and the People’s Daily to the list in part because of the increased use as propaganda outlets in the US.

The tangible effect of this is that the companies now have to disclose to the government who works for them, as well as share all hiring and firing decisions with the State Department. Of course with the left now fully in charge, all of this will be eliminated and the buying and selling of America will continue as usual. 

Source:  China “Pwns” Us: How the Chinese Are Buying Up America by Alex Horsman via Libertas Bella,, financial news

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