Military is A Petri Dish for Social Change

If the left wanted to destroy America the first thing they would do is to take control of education so they could teach our children how evil America was, using every opportunity to divide people by race, religion and class.

Then they would go after Christianity, teaching our children there was no God, removing prayer from schools and systemically eliminating any form of religion from the public square.   Religion is, after all, a form of modern fascism and that must be condemned and eliminated.

They would begin to elevate faux politicized science to reaffirm the socialist mindset and turn the media into a propaganda arm of the progressive movement. They would wash out the very foundation of the American family by destroying the male role model in children’s life.  They would convinced once sensible American women that murdering their unborn child was a human right rather than the barbaric practice of sacrifice that it actually is.

They would systematically degrade America’s law enforcement agencies while turning the country over to domestic terrorist organizations.  Then they would they attempt to destroy America’s ability to defend themselves and their families by confiscating guns, forcing the peasants to bow to tyranny.  The last American institution to be destroyed would be the military. 

Biden plans to use the U.S. military as a petri dish for progressive social policies by demanding the enlistment of men and women with gender dysphoria and offering to pay for expensive and time-intensive surgeries. In what could be the final nail in the coffin, the left is insisting that women and transgenders be in combat roles regardless of the complications, cost or potential effects on combat readiness. 

The average biological female is almost 5 inches shorter and over 30 pounds lighter, with closer to 40 fewer pounds of muscle and 6 pounds more fat than the average man.  They have less than half of man’s upper-body strength, and 20% less aerobic capacity.  Women cannot run or jump as far, last as long, grip as tightly, pull, lift or carry the same weight that a man can carry.

In order to  accommodate this new petri dish, military officials have eliminated the strenuous training standard for everyone.  Certain requirements have become optional; certain activities became history. Competition among platoons, which many drill sergeants considered key to galvanizing recruits and developing squadron esprit de corps, has ended, in part due to the unfair advantage held by all-male platoons.  Boxing and wrestling have been replaced by karate and self-defense or “interpretive dancing.”  Even academic emphasis has shifted from hard science, engineering, history and military tactics toward social sciences and humanities.

And, in order to hasten the emasculation of the U.S. military,  Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has been working to “purge” the armed forces of perceived “right-wing” extremists and Trump loyalists.  Given Austin’s prominent position in the radical Biden administration,  it is easy to see the left’s attempt to purge conservatives and Christians from the military rather than a means of getting rid of actual racists.  

Don’t get me wrong, as a woman I felt it was also my duty to serve my country just as the many generations of my family had.  However, I do not believe, nor will I ever believe, that women should be thrust into combat roles without the same strenuous training our male counterparts once endured.  

Combat isn’t about promoting equality – its objective is to break the enemy’s will through precise lethal engagement, with the lowest possible loss of American life. The claim that female combat soldiers will perform as lethally as men over an extended deployment entails a denial of biological reality as great as the one underlying the transgender crusade.

We are locked in a battle for the heart and soul of our country. This is no longer a dispute between two parties or movements that broadly share the same goals but merely disagree on how best to achieve those goals. This is a battle over diametrically opposed worldviews, informed by different values and different notions about the very meaning of America.

Source: The Vanishing ‘Man of War’ by Joel Hilliker, the Trumpet; Be as ‘Woke’ as You Can Be: Join the Army, by Andrew Miller; How to destroy America from within by Gary Bauer, Washington Examiner ; Women Don’t Belong in Combat Units by Heather Mac Donald, Manhattan Institute

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