The AMA Gone Woke

We need to realize the situation. This is a war… If you think you’re fighting a virus, then you’re going to be a victim.”  Dr. Lee Merritt

In 1943, a number of physicians and surgeons parted ways with the American Medical Association (AMA) to form the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) as the former aligned itself with the government.

You want the medicine to be between you and the patient – not between you, a government bureaucrat and a patient. And that’s exactly the paradigm that has happened, according to Merritt.  You are no longer seeing doctors trying to do the best for their patients, what  you are now seeing are doctors taking an oath to the CDC and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) guidelines, and the worst part is that it is driven by money.

The American Medical Association, founded 174 years ago, is the biggest, oldest, and most influential doctors’ association in the country.  And it has gone certifiably insane. When it comes to training doctors, it wants us to throw out the “malignant narrative” of merit and hard work, and select people on the basis of “intersectional oppression” instead.  

According to Aletha Maybank, the 2019 appointed Chief Health Equity Offer, whose staff wrote the new Organizational Strategic Plan to Embed Racial Justice and Advance Health Equity into medicine, the AMA, now wants doctors to confront inequalities and dismantle white supremacy, racism, fight poverty, and the lack of good jobs and housing for people of color.  Doesn’t leave much time for medicine does it? 

Where once the AMA was the most prestigious medical organizations in the country today, only about 17% of doctors actually belong to it, and many of those are medical students who get a discount on membership and a glossy in-crowd magazine to reach each month.  

So if only 17% of American doctors belong to the organization, where do they get their power?  It doesn’t hurt that they share the 5th largest lobby in D.C. with Big Pharma, Big Insurance and Big Business, giving them the power to influence public policy, to change the very laws that Congress writes and the way they are in enforced.  In essence while the AMA doesn’t have any actual power, other than over their members, they can buy a lot of support in D.C. and put a lot of pressure on state medical licensing boards.

Their “influence” has driven Medical schools to also fall in line with the new social justice Marxism, and adopt dramatic affirmative action policies in order to matriculate a “critical mass” of black applicants, who, in the past, typically score lower on the the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) than their white and Asian counterparts. It doesn’t matter to the AMA that lowering standards for those who provide life-saving care could have dangerous consequences for their patients.

In 2015-16 a MCAT score of 24-26 and a GPA of 3.20 to 3.39 were only good enough to gain admission to medical school for 8% of white people who applied yet more than 56% of black applicants with those very scores got in according to the American Enterprise Institute review of AMA data.

The fact is that the AMA really is the heart and soul of Big Medicine.  Unfortunately, it’s a cold, cold heart that loves power, prestige, and money. They want to silence all voices that don’t support Big Pharma. And they especially want to hush doctors who speak out against vaccines and who are in favor of alternative medications that work. 

There is a “purge” underway;  ideology is stifling critical thinking and dissent in the name of social justice that radicalizes even the smallest interpersonal interactions with patients which itself threatens the very foundation of patient care, research and medicine.

Practicing good medicine is no longer the priority of the AMA. But their opinions don’t trump the constitution, no matter how many Congressmen they buy.

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