This is Fauci’s World

This is Anthony Fauci’s world. These are his people.

An unholy cabal of of the ruling elites is using the Biden administration to wage open war against the American family and the American worker.

There is a spiritual dimension to this struggle that must be understood if these would-be despots are to be ultimately defeated.

The final goal of those attempting to enact a technocratic “science is settled” tyranny over the citizens of this nation, as most prominently seen at the moment in the coronavirus vaccine mandates, is the overthrowing of God’s Natural Law in order to bring about a new definition of human rights and humanity decreed by a ruling elite.

On October 3, Fauci said that as a “member of society…you have a responsibility to society….  you have got say, there comes a time when you do have to give up what you consider your individual right of making your own decision for the greater good of society.”

Fauci’s comments are eerily similar to the argument advanced by the authors of a 2020 book titled “The Coming Good Society: Why New Realities Demand New Rights,” by William Schulz and Sushma Raman who argue that those who hold that rights are static and immutable, must adapt to new realities or risk being consigned to irrelevance. “To preserve and promote the good society — one that protects its members’ dignity and fosters an environment in which people will want to live — we must at times rethink the meanings of familiar rights and consider the introduction of entirely new rights.”

Both Schulz and Fauci share the same outlook on humanity, for they both are devout parishioners of the secular atheist religion known as humanism.  Schulz was named “Humanist of the Year” in 2000 by the American Humanist Association and Fauci was given the honor in 2021 where he publicly credited his Jesuit high school and college education for instilling in him the worldly values he holds today.

The American Humanist Association Conference that honored Fauci was officially sponsored by the Secular Coalition for America, Recovering From Religion, American Atheists, and the Freedom From Religion Foundation. 

Let’s examine the Christian heresy that is modernist Jesuitism. In 2015, at NY’s St. Patrick Day parade, an annual event ostensibly meant to honor a Catholic saint, the man who chaired the event was a director at a medical foundation involved in the harvesting of fetal tissue derived from murdered babies for research purposes.  Is there anything more utilitarian than using human beings as lab material?

Modernist Jesuits attempt to reconcile Christianity with the prevailing contemporary spirit of the world. This despite Jesus Christ’s explicit teaching that the Prince of this World is Satan. The chief tenet of this bastardized form of Catholicism is a staunch adherence to the Cult of Progress. This is where the Jesuits meet their atheistic comrades, the humanists.

Humanists are not morally troubled by worldliness in the least, and see no need to come up with clever and complex justifications for it. They are eager to cast all notions of a higher “God” aside.   The humanist philosophy, as stated in essays by its own people, openly declares: The fiendish hoax that is God does nothing to stop disease pandemics. God failed humanity. Science is our True Savior

The modernist progressive technocracy is a religion. What’s more, it is a virulently fanatical one. And, as we have seen with the coronavirus vaccine mandates, it relishes the thought of publicly burning at the stake those who would dare deny it.

Source:  Now we know: The ruling elites, including Fauci, are devotees of the anti-God cult, Humanism by Joe Schaeffer, former Managing Editor of The Washington Times National Weekly Edition, published at the World Tribune.  You can read Schaeffer’s article in full at the link provided.

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