The Problem Isn’t That Johnny Can’t Read

“One of the painful signs of years of dumbed-down education is how many people are unable to make a coherent argument.

They can vent their emotions, question other people’s motives, make bold assertions, and repeat slogans – anything except reason.”  Thomas Sowell

Once, the most important figure in society was a teacher.  How far has this once honorable position descended in the hands of its’ current practitioners?

The complete breakdown of our education system is one of the greatest tragedies to ever befall the United States.  Over the years our schools have slowly shifted their focus from teaching to indoctrination and propaganda.

According to Liv Finne, director of the Center for Education at the Washington Policy Center, a concern for learning has been replaced by an aggressive political agenda designed to instill doubt, mental plain and low expectations.  The race base agenda only seeks to divide children from their teachers, their own communities and from each other.  

Basic skills, such as sentence structure, vocabulary, self-expression and communication, have been replaced with white supremacy, white privilege, institutional racism and structural racism. Math is taught as oppressive to communities of color and instead of history, they teach social construction,

Unsurprisingly, Finne’s research found that the shift from academic excellence toward social constructs such as critical race theory has elicited an unmistakable decline in the literacy of America’s students.  “Internationally, we do pretty well at the fourth grade,” Finne told the Epoch Times, “but we decline from there.”

Data from the Nation’s Report Card finds that only 28% of 4th graders are proficient in writing, 35% are proficient in reading, 20% are proficient in history, 36% are proficient in science, and 41% are proficient in math. By the time our children reach the 12th grade, only 27% are proficient in writing, 37% are proficient in reading, 12% are proficient in history, 22% are proficient in science, and only 24% are proficient in math.  All of these statistics are abysmal, but the decline in U.S. history education, science education and math education is particularly pronounced when compared to other nations across the world. And all of this has been done deliberately.

On top of all this decline in basic education and the ability to think and assess, kids today are more and more just being taught to emote. Feelings have trumped facts. And feeling offended at stuff seems to be one of the main outcomes of so much education today.

As Thomas Sowell famously said, “The problem isn’t that Johnny can’t read.  The problem isn’t even that Johnny can’t think.  The problem is that Johnny doesn’t know what thinking is; he confuses it with feelings.”  

When you have an entire generation that cannot think straight and analyze things but only runs on emotions, you know we are in trouble.  Once our children are infected with leftism, they are taught to hate reason, tradition, America, Christianity, whites, excellence, freedom, masculinity, and in some instances their own families. 

Totalitarian regimes require an inert, submissive, obedient, and above all, non-questioning people, something difficult to achieve in a society accustomed to the freedom that democracy offers, for which, then, they must resort to the application of different methods, destined to change and mold the thinking of citizens to their interests.

If an unfriendly foreign power had attempted to impose on America the mediocre educational performance that exists today, we might well have considered it as an act of war. As it stands, we have allowed this to happen ourselves.

We cannot continue to send our children to Caesar for their education and be surprised when they come home as Romans.  Voddie Baucham, Jr.

Source:  America’s Failing Educational System by Andrew Miiller, the Trumpet; The Great Dumbing Down by Bill Muehlenberg, Culture Watch

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