Repentance Demanded, Forgiveness Denied

Whether it be the admittedly false history lessons being implemented in public schools by The 1619 Project, children’s shows being peppered with Marxist teachings, Teen Vogue being extremely open about their attempts to push socialist, communist and Marxist agendas to their readers,  or Marxist educators ranting about President Trump or teaching the history of these murderous Marxist tyrants without discussing the mass murder that accompanied each, or the media attempting to distract from the left’s true intents,  we’re in the midst of perhaps the greatest attempt to brainwash a nation of all time.

America is undergoing a godless revival that has become the official philosophy of the American ruling class.  Wokeism is a new creed of social justice resembling religion yet avowedly secular and anti-spiritual.  Its seminaries are the nation’s elite universities – its missionaries work in prestigious newsrooms.  Adherents are remaking powerful institutions by “canceling” anyone who dissents or lacks zeal for the cause.  Like any good revival, this one is replete with hellfire preaching. Eager audiences are told of their inescapable guilt, or privilege. Repentance is demanded, but forgiveness is not offered.

The hatred runs so deep that it has affected most of America’s lawmakers, judges and executives.  Many serve this ideology or their party more than their actual offices. Supreme Court justices, whose offices and powers exist because of certain clauses of the Constitution, argue that other clauses should be twisted or ignored. Members of Congress, who are responsible for representing the people, make laws that represent special interests often at the cost of protecting our Constitutional liberties.  

Wokeism offers everything that secularism failed to provide, and has quickly filled the God-shaped hole in our culture. It purports its version of truth, justice, righteousness, sin, and judgement. It provides its adherents meaning, with its meta-narrative of societal conflict, power struggle and the struggle for redemptive freedom. The tearing down those oppressive power structures helps give purpose to the individual and the collective. These values are solidified in public rituals like sensitivity training or confronting white fragility. There is a strong communal aspect, and people feel like they are part of something greater than themselves. Also inherent in this “social progress” is the hypothetical future utopian society liberated from the evils of the current oppressive system.

Most of all, however, Wokeism offers what every sinful human heart deeply longs for, and that is moral justification. People believe they are acting justly within the world, and being fair, sometimes they are. But often, all that they are doing is mere posturing, or worse, destructive.

That is not to say the Wokesim offers total absolution to its followers; in fact, it is quite the opposite. To be tearing down oppressive power structures means that you are also profoundly aware of your prejudices.

James Lindsay, a mathematician, academic, and atheist, was recently on The Joe Rogan Experience and said: “Some religions look up, they’re looking at God, and they’re afraid of sin, but they’re paying attention to God, and they’re thinking about renewal, they’re thinking about redemption, they’re thinking about forgiveness. And then some religions look down, and all they do is look at sin. If you look up, then religion can be great, it can lead people in spiritual development, community and so on, but if you’re looking down, if you’re obsessing about sin, you’re going to start obsessing about everybody else’s sin too.”

There are two conceivable ways that our future will unfold. The first is that Wokeism will eat itself and dissolve because these ideologies are inherently self-consuming. If the only thing that exists is power, then corrupt power structures must be torn down. It could be that enough people will begin to wake up to the cognitive dissonance that is being shoved down our collective throats, but that is an incredibly optimistic view of the current situation.  What’s more likely is the second option; that these ideas will be taken to their logical conclusion.  

According to Hillsong Pastor Nathan Finochio, “cancel culture is actually the logical conclusion of Critical Theory… because they have to get rid of the oppressor class.”   To which Dave Rubin, host of the Rubin report responded:  “I hate to tell you, I think it’s beheading that is the logical conclusion of cancel culture.”

Now that’s a scary thought.  

Woe to them that call evil good  and good evil; that put darkness for light and light for darkness; that put  bitter for sweet  and sweet for bitter!  Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes and prudent  in their own sight!  Isaiah 5:20-21

Source:  Wokeism – the New Religion of the West, by Mark Funk, Converge Media;   The Woke and the Un-Woke by Matthew Schmitz, the Tablet, History Doesn’t Always Repeat Itself, but the Darkest Parts Often Do – Part III By Robert Patrick Lewis, Undercover D.C.

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