Is There Anything The Left Won’t Fund?

Nancy Pelosi recently announced that the Creating Opportunities for Manufacturing Pre-Eminence in Technology and Economic Strength Act, aka the Completes Act the House recently passed, will make America more competitive with China.

What she forgot to mention is that everything she said was a load of crap.

In essence HR 4521, like Biden’s Infrastructure bill, is packed with liberal economic policies that do not accomplish anything they promise. Instead of making our businesses more competitive with China, The Completes Act uses the backdoor approach to make us more dependent on China which, anyone with common sense knows, is their goal.

Neatly hidden within the pages of HR 4521 is a provision stating, “It is the sense of Congress … that the United States should … implement the Paris Agreement that significantly advances global climate ambition on mitigation, adaptation, and support.” 

This little phrase, “It is the sense of Congress,” could easily be constructed by left-wing federal judges and courts as close enough to actual Senate ratification of the Paris Accord treaty. It’s not like the courts haven’t used this strategy before to accommodate the climate scam.

It happened in 2007 when SCOTUS held 5-4 in Massachusetts v. EPA, that the Clean Air Act authorized the EPA to regulate greenhouse gases even though this authority was not even mentioned in the Clean Air Act. In another example, even though under the Constitution, individual states are expressly barred from entering into treaties with foreign countries, when California’s 2013 climate agreement with the Canadian province of Quebec was tested in federal court in 2020, the court left the agreement in place.

It doesn’t take much imagination to see the left’s backdoor attempt to sidestep Senate ratification or from having Congress involved in the details of the revised Accord, providing Biden or his handlers all the authority they need to implement the Green New Deal, under which our society or what’s left of it, would be rapidly destroyed.

The Completes Act is now headed to the Senate to be merged with S. 1260, the Innovation and Competition Act of 2021, that the Senate passed last year. The important things to remember about this bill is that it was introduced by Senator Charles Schumer of N.Y., wastes $325 billion in taxpayer dollars, runs 2,912 pages long, and includes hundreds of amendments no one has read.

And, like most Democrat bills that no one bothers to read, S. 1260 contains prior pieces of legislation that failed to pass: The Right to Organize, aka PRO Act, that eliminates secret ballots in union organizing elections; Federal Science Agency Policies for Caregivers; Support for Young African Leaders Initiative; Collection of Demographic Information for Patent Inventors; Shark Fin Sales Elimination; and the Mammal Research and Response Act that mandates financial and regulatory support to protect marine mammals, etc.

Much of Schumer’s bill proposes climate change policies that will seriously damage what is left of our economy.  The bill sets up an $8 billion “green slush fund” at the United Nations,  funnels $2 billion a year to foreign countries to fight climate change, $3 billion to ramp up solar production, $22 million for investigating the building collapse in Surfside, Florida, establishes a new federal program to study plumbing, gives $6 million to NOAA to create a National Coral Reef Management Fellowship, and when merged with the Completes Act will offer $52 million to Chip makers, even though they are among some of the most successful businesses in the U.S.; $45 billion to improve the supply chain they destroyed; $90 million to embassies; $1.5 billion for a Public Wireless Chain Fund; $10.5 billion to the states to stockpile drugs and medical equipment; $3 billion for solar companies; $375 million to improve the electric grid; $45 billion for grants and loans; etc.. The Fed will be running the printing press overtime if this becomes law.

WOW, is there anything the left won’t fund? We can’t pay our bills now!

Source:  America COMPETES Act: Nancy Pelosi’s climate trap by Steve Milloy, The Washington Times; GOP: Don’t fall for the America Competes Act by Liz Peek, The Hill; H.R. 4521, The America COMPETES Act of 2022

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