Mind Conspirators

“It is in the light of our beliefs about the ultimate nature of reality that we formulate our conceptions of right and wrong; and it is in the light of our conceptions of right and wrong that we frame our conduct, not only in the relations of private life, but also in the sphere of politics and economics. So far from being irrelevant, our metaphysical beliefs are the finally determining factor in all our actions.” Aldous Huxley

More and more Americans are beginning to understand the terrible truth about our existing political system that seeks to dominate, and mold us into a society of dutiful Stepford Wives totally beholden to the wishes of elite politicians, bureaucrats and bankers.

The destruction of our Constitutional Republic has been under way for the past 100 years in one form or another and it all begins in the school system. Our schools, instead of being objective forums for the transmission of the values of civilization, have become indoctrination centers and breeding grounds for left-wing Socialist/Communist recruitment.  

The children are then released upon the world to positions of intellectual, political and economic leadership, to proselytize the masses into this “alleged” Utopia world just as church missionaries once went out into the world to spread the gospel. The difference being that the missionaries were spreading the good news, while today’s collectivists are pushing lies.

We are told that Communism/Marxism will give the nation an “ideal” world where there will be no poverty, no disparity of wealth, no prejudice, no ignorance, no wars – in short, a heaven on earth.  And the requisite for bringing such a world into being is nothing short of eradicating the “dangerous workings” of the free market by centralizing government power with an eventual move to some form of world government. Capitalism is, after all, responsible for the strife, wars and poverty from which the world suffers.

The propagandistic “army of managers” that Aldous Huxley warned us about in Brave New World is now upon us. Such social engineers are the so-called intellectuals that rule in our high schools, colleges and grad schools. They have a powerful control over the minds of our best and brightest youth  and they’re turning them into the most dutiful of apparatchiks for a new world collectivism.

Socialist/Marxist falsifications of economics and history have gained sway in the school system in order to poison our children’s minds against the American concept of freedom. Freedom is now seen as inimical to human dignity. Creative entrepreneurship is portrayed as exploitation of the poor instead of their only hope. Gold is termed a “barbarous relic” instead of history’s proven store of value. Wealth is thought of as a part of nature and static instead of created by free men and infinite.

All the values that sustain civilized life – freedom, strength of will, independence, honor, etc. – are endlessly denigrated in our schools.   We are being conditioned to accept sloth as normalcy, servility as dignity, weakness of will as compassion, and government conveyed privilege as justice.

The world of sanity and rationality gives way to regimental nightmares of Orwellian “newspeak” and “political correctness” in order for legions of middle-class sluggards to feel good about themselves while they live out their spiritually squalid lives queuing up to the entitlement troughs of the mega-state.

Such doctrines have produced what historian, Clarence Carson, calls a “collectivist curvature of the mind.” It is this collectivist intellectual warp that is setting the stage for the coming dictatorship. Once the Mind Conspirators have worked their ideological venom into the brains of our children during their formative years,  they have created, in most instances, a lifelong advocate for their cause.

Mind Conspirators preach soothing words about the need for “stability, security and equality,” but it is the same goal of all tyrannical collectivisms throughout history — the enslavement of man justified by irrational ideology and sophistry. The only difference is that it is much bigger in ambition today; its goal is world domination instead of just societal control.

Source:  The Mind Conspirators by Nelson Hultberg

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