There Is No Climate Emergency

A study, the State of the Climate 2021, Report 51, was published earlier this month by Ole Humlum, former Professor of Physical Geography at the University Centre in Svalbard, Norway, proving that, regardless of all the doom and gloom pushed by left-wing environmentalist around the world, there is no “evidence of a climate crisis.”

Professor Humlum of the Global Warming Foundation states emphatically that while there has been a “gentle warming” of the Earth since 1979, the best explanation is solar isolation and changes in cloud cover and land use.  Climate models used by the UN and other environmentalist routinely overstate the effect of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases because they were never meant to be predictive tools.

Sea-level rise might not be the emergency that climate alarmists claim. According to Humus, “While the satellite record suggests a global sea-level rise of about 3.3mm per year or more, data from tide gauges all over the world suggest a stable rise of 1–2mm per year. The tide gauges indicate no recent acceleration (or deceleration) of sea-level rise.” 

That certainly goes a long way in explaining why certain individuals like Big Al Gore, John Kerry, Barack Obama, etc. who have made millions off the climate scare have no fear of purchasing over-priced mansions in close proximity to the world’s oceans.

Sea Ice, according to Humlum was below average in 2021 but is once again growing.  The most recent data on global tropical storms and hurricanes show that they are well within the range observed since 1970 and the number making landfall in the U.S. remains within the range for the entire observation period since 1851.

In summary, Humlum states that the global average air temperatures in 2021 were still high when framed against the 1850-1880 period but have exhibited a negative trend since 2016.  The influence of a La Nina episode in the Pacific in 2021 proved that the global surface air temperature records continue to be influenced by oceanographic phenomena, not man.

While the report is 54 pages long, it is well worth a read. You can access the report at the link provided above.

Politicians, the UN and far-left green activists have controlled the hysterical narrative on climate change for decades. They push the fallacy that this “climate crisis” can only be averted by eliminating greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, ubiquitous water vapor, methane, and nitrous oxide.  What they refuse to tell you, however, is the benefit to the earth warming just a few degrees Celsius. Hundreds of scientific studies have documented that an increase in temperatures extends the growing season to help feed the world’s population. They also neglect to mention that eliminating animals raised for food will devastate local farms and ranches as well as cut food supplies.

Water vapor, and the clouds that condense from it, warm the earth’s surface at least four times more than carbon dioxide. Paleoclimate data shows little correlation between CO2 and climate, suggesting that the effects of CO2 are, in fact, marginal. If we doubled the current Co2 levels, the earth’s surface temperature would increase by only 1 C.

A serious review of policy-related climate science is long overdue.  Real science is never settled, nor is scientific truth determined by consensus or political diktats.  

There is no climate emergency. Americans should not be stampeded into a disastrous climate crusade that will destroy economies and ultimately lives. 

Source:  Climate ‘Emergency’? Not So Fast by Richard Lindzen, the Alfred P. Sloan Professor, Emeritus, of atmospheric sciences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and William Happer, Professor, Emeritus of physics at Princeton, National Review

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