America Has a Stalker

Many of the left’s advances are being rejected by the American public. Having lost track of the greater good, the left is now opting to intimidate and threaten our nation. Many would sooner burn America to the ground rather than give up on their left-wing agenda. 

For the first time in 233 years, someone leaked a draft opinion of a major Supreme Court opinion while the case is still under consideration, clearly with the intent to try and alter the outcome of the decision. SCOTUS, throughout its storied history, has largely remained above politics, giving it credibility and stability found nowhere else. The leaker would rather burn that stability to the ground than have a decision they disagree with.

The Supreme Court isn’t the only government body or function under attack either. The United States Senate has had the filibuster since being introduced as part of a rule change in 1806. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and nearly all leading voices among the Democrats are shouting to get rid of the filibuster, allowing them to impose their will on anything and everything with a simple majority. 216 years of Senate tradition mean nothing to them if instead, they can get their way.

If Special Prosecutor John Durham’s work is to be believed, Hillary Clinton completely fabricated a connection between the Donald Trump and a foreign enemy, Russia, during the 2016 presidential campaign, and fed it to the media and the FBI. The fact a political campaign was allowed to plant the great lie should be the biggest story of a generation, but politicos and media types alike remain willing to let the false narrative continue to this day because it serves their purposes. 

What makes the Russia hoax even worse is that then-CIA Director John Brennan sat down with then-President Obama and told him the Clinton campaign was responsible for the story, but neither man felt compelled to tell the American public. In fact, after Trump became President, Brennan took a position with CNN where he perpetuated the Russia story that his own CIA notes indicate he knew was false. 

Hillary still complains in public speeches that the election was “stolen” from her in 2016. Stacy Abrams lost the 2018 Georgia Governor’s race but to this day hasn’t conceded defeat. Then-candidate Biden was quoted in 2020 as saying a variety of election question comments including, “the only way we lose this is by chicanery going on relative to polling places.” When Trump claimed voter fraud the left scoffed, yet in 2022 some leading voices in Congress are preemptively saying if Democrats lose control of the House in November it will be due to election fraud.

Our stalker is willing to destroy the stability of the deliberative process of the Supreme Court in order to impose its will. Our stalker is willing to push out a sitting Justice without cause and attempted to stop a nominated Justice from being seated via ruthless lies, all in an effort to impose its will. Liberals will put the lives of Justices and their families at risk, with the apparent blessing of the White House, in order to further their agenda. 

They are willing to abandon a 216-year practice in the U.S. Senate in hopes of short-term gain. They were willing to let the leadership of the US Intelligence community lie to the American public and stand silent as America was torn apart by baseless accusations about its Commander-in-Chief.

You can read America Has a Stalker: The Democrats by Tim Constantine of the Washington Times in full at this link.

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