Apathy – The Blueprint For Destruction

To understand the left you must remember one thing – they do not genuinely care about 99% of the things they claim to care about.

Name a leftist cause and then find a communist/socialist/Marxist country that actually practiced it. Same-Sex marriage?  In Muslim countries homosexuals are dead men walking.  In Russia they go to jail.  Cuba, the darling of the American left, hate both blacks and gays.

The left is a drunk in a bar trying to pick a fight with you. Trying to convince him that you didn’t disrespect him or put something in his beer to make him dizzy won’t work. There’s no ‘agree to disagree’ possible. He’s picking a fight with you because he wants a fight.

They don’t care about Bruce Jenner or any transgender for that matter.  They do not care about gay rights, equal pay, police brutality or even slavery.  They may pledge their undying devotion to these causes now, but they could just as easily be persuaded tomorrow to be outraged by telephone poles, shredded wheat or people in green sweaters.

The left cares mainly about emotional venting and exercising power over others. It’s the same phenomenon witnessed during the Salem Witch Trials, the French Revolution or any other mob scene. Except the individual elements of the mob are on social media and have a hashtag.

You can’t find common ground with the left because it is an activist machine dedicated to destroying common ground. They destroy the things you care about because you care about them, because they need things to destroy and if they can’t attack you, they’ll turn on their own in a frenzy of ideologically incestuous purges.

Unfortunately, the results of the last dozen or so years has produced a beaten down mass of ordinary people who now imagine that our country is filled with gay men and trannies, that white privilege is destroying the country, that math can be racist, that men can give birth, ad nauseam. They accept that common sense no longer applies and that it’s someone else’s country now.  And that is the prize that the left dearly wants.  Complete Surrender.

It’s not about gay rights, or fluidity, or gender or abortion, or gun rights, or free speech, it’s about power. More fundamentally it’s about the difference in human nature between the people who want to be left alone and those who want power over others.

Apathy has become the blueprint for our destruction.  You can’t work out a truce with tyrants and sticking your head in the sand only gets sand up your nose.  You either fight for our country or surrender.  There is nothing else.

source:  The Coming Confrontation by John Velisek, Independent Sentinel;  No Truce with the Left by Daniel Greenfield, Sultan Knish

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