Woke Christianity

God grants liberty only to those who love it and are always ready to guard and defend it. Daniel Webster

Loving, guarding, and defending liberty is the full-time responsibility of every American but unfortunately, not every American loves the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution. In fact, many Americans are actively engaged in the pursuit of ideas and principles that are diametrically opposed to liberty.   And sadder still is the fact that many of these people would call themselves Christians.

Let’s be honest: calling oneself a Christian means nothing.  Many self-professed Christians are just as crooked, dishonest, mean-spirited, vengeful, and hateful as any other group of people on the planet, some even more so. And, just as with virtually any other group, not every Christian is a friend of freedom. 

Woke Christianity is corrupting our schools, universities, and churches at the hands of misguided administrators, teachers, and pastors. At its core, and under the guise of the pseudo-Christian virtues of progress and tolerance, this heresy entails the most destructive lie: a rejection of the self-denial and sacrifice demonstrated on the road to Golgotha. 

Unfortunately, too many Christians have fallen for what Rod Dreher refers to in his book Live Not by Lies as the myth of progress. This belief, central to Marxist ideology, maintains mankind is marching ever forward toward perfect liberty, equality, and solidarity, holding that those who get in the way are ignorant, backward, and bigoted.

Wrapped up in this myth is the equally pernicious notion of “tolerance,” which, in the current context, requires one laud the doctrines and behaviors that radical ideologues approve of as moving society “forward” while condemning the beliefs, traditions, and standards that oppose it.

Recent surveys reveal alarming trends. Almost one-third of evangelical Christians agree that Jesus was a great teacher, but he was not God and more than 40% believe that God accepts the worship of all religions.  Only half of self-identified Christians believe that God is the basis of absolute moral truth. More than half of Catholics believe abortion should be legal in all or most cases and more than 50% of all Christian denominations believe casual sex is sometimes or always acceptable.

Many so-called Christians don’t bat an eye when CNN’s Don Lemon proclaims that God is not about judging people or when Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock teaches that we can save ourselves by helping others, or when activist Ibram X. Kendi preaches that savior theology “breeds bigotry” and supports “racist ideals,” or even when Pope Francis writes that non-Christians “drink from other sources,” implying that salvation through Christ is merely one of many roads up the mountain.

Christ Himself repeatedly rejected this woke heresy when Satan used the same empty promise to tempt Him in the desert, while praying in Gethsemane on the eve of his crucifixion, and finally, at Golgotha when the Pharisees and high priests mocked Him and promised to believe in Him if He came down from the cross. What Christ demonstrated was that we must deny ourselves, carry our cross, obey God’s law, and conform to God’s will, even if this means yielding our comfort, disordered desires, safety, and yes, even our very lives.

This is the grave challenge facing Christians today.  Once trusted institutions are exploiting biblical concepts like “sanctity of the individual” and “love of neighbor” to promote an array of highly noxious ideologies. This obsession is leaving Christians vulnerable to a disordered faith that is willing enough to embrace Jesus, as long as they are not obligated to follow God.

Instead of being the salt that savors and the light that shines out of darkness (Matt. 5:13-16) we have assisted secularists in erecting the “wall” between the church and state.  Thinking it is our “duty” to cave to tolerance we have enabled the elimination of God from society. 

Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky wrote in The Brothers Karamozov (1880): “If God does not exist, then everything is permitted.”   He was right – look around you!  We are abandoning God and are losing the very best of our American heritage and our country to evil. 

source:  Why Woke Christianity is the Greatest Threat to Christians today by Carina Benton, the Federalist

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