Destroying American Farmland

In 1992 when the UN introduced Agenda 21, now Agenda 2030, its radical environmental promoters described it as a “blueprint for the reorganization of human society.”  Now, America’s farmers are on the front lines of the ground war to enforce that reorganization.

One of the most dangerous climate change scams is about to destroy our food supply.  I’m speaking of the left’s plan to capture co2 and bury it in the ground.

Here’s the scheme. Thousands of acres of privately-owned, food-producing Midwest Corn Belt farmland are being targeted for a new 1300-mile long pipeline.  But NOT a pipeline to bring us desperately needed fuel oil. No – the purpose of this pipeline is to capture carbon dioxide before it reaches the atmosphere and transport it via a pipeline to a permanent and secure underground sequestration site in Illinois.

Summit Carbon Solutions and Navigator Co2 Ventures, both privately held companies – not public utilities, have sent letters  to farmers in South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, and Nebraska asking them to willingly give up their land or be prepared to have their land taken by eminent domain. 

The pipeline will drive right through the middle of each farm rendering much of the remainder of the land useless.  Farmers are promised, if they will sign an easement agreement to voluntarily give up the land, they will be paid 80% of what they would have brought in for crop production in the 1st year.   In the second year farmers will receive 60% and only 40% for year 3.  No mention is made of what is to come after that.  In other words, farmers will be paid for not growing crops – no crops – no food.

As less and less farmland is available for planting, the left expects us to embrace synthetic substitutes like the current drive to get consumers to embrace plant based and lab grown meat or eat insects.   It’s interesting to note that, again, Bill Gates is right in the middle of this scheme.

Along with the drive for the carbon capture pipeline to eliminate CO2, there is a separate drive to lock away thousands more acres for wind and solar farms, in order to eliminate all oil and gas energy.  One plan calls for the locking way of 17 million acres of solar farms in the Midwest to replace coal and gas power plants. It’s interesting to note that those coal and gas power plants take up only a few acres.

Solar panels use large amounts of plastic, made from oil. In addition, large amounts of copper are necessary for the wire infrastructure underneath. Plus, under those thousands of acres of rows and rows of solar panels is cement to cover the wires.  Nothing grows in cement –  no grass, no crops or small animals. Valuable farmland destroyed.

Plans also call for 250 million acres of wind farms which need huge amounts of oil to turn and large amounts of copper, limestone, steel, aluminum, cobalt and nickel to produce a single turbine.  Some experts say that it will take more energy to produce a single wind turbine that it will create in its lifetime.

Picture 250 million acres of wind turbine forests and thousands of acres of concrete pads for solar farms. Gone will be scenic views, or peaceful land, and in the air, nothing will be flying as millions of birds, raptors, and endangered species will be destroyed – all in the name of protecting the environment.

Meanwhile, if the sun isn’t shining or the wind blowing, no energy is produced. In fact, if the goal is reached and all power is to come from wind and solar, it will supply only about 4% of the energy the nation needs to survive.

But here are some scientific facts that you won’t hear from the left.  The earth is suffering from a carbon dioxide shortage.  The earth needs on average 1600 parts per million (PPI) in the atmosphere to support us.  There is currently only 410 PPM.  In other words, nature is facing a CO2 starvation. Plants – including those we need to feed us — won’t be able to grow.

In addition, carbon capture pipelines are a major health hazard to people living close to them.  One such pipeline in Mississippi ruptured near the small town of Satartia. A green cloud settled over the town, blocking oxygen and creating a foul smell.  Dozens of residents became disoriented, nauseated and many more collapsed in their homes.  No one knows the long term effects this might have on residents.

The same forces behind the wind and solar scheme are pushing the carbon capture pipeline. The most important food-producing farmland in the nation is about to be confiscated all based on a scam.

According to the dataset compiled by the Natural Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) when you remove all urban heat distortions to temperature readings, there has been no warming in the US for at least 17 years.  While temperatures may vary from year to year, the US was actually cooler in May 2022 than it was in May 2005.

Regardless of the fact that global warming is a scam,  the drive is on to build useless and totally unnecessary carbon capture pipelines – not to save the planet – but to claim taxpayer money set aside in Biden’s infrastructure bill.

Source:  Carbon Capture Pipelines – Environmental Idiocracy! by Tom DeWeese, American

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