The Left’s Vision is Bleak and Their Ideology Brittle

America as we know it is the product of the revolution of the Bible. But now that biblical inheritance is under siege.

The woke Democrat Party is on a campaign to remake this nation.  They want us to believe this country is irredeemable racist and oppressive. 

They tell us our true founding came from the advent of the slave trade on this continent.  They reject our history and our traditions.  They claim sex is merely a social construct – that man can get pregnant – that women can be men – that the nuclear family is a repressive institution.

Their real target in all this is America’s dependence on biblical teaching and tradition.  What they particularly dislike about our culture is the Bible’s influence on it.  And now they want to break that influence for good.

Whatever your beliefs, whatever your background, the Bible is worth defending. It is worth preserving.  It is the true source of the rights of man and the liberties we cherish.  It has made us who we are, and it is critical to our future.

The ancient world was a place of hierarchy.  Some were born to rule, most were born to follow, and many were born to be slaves. Every family had its ancestral gods and every city had its patron deity which every citizen was bound to worship.  As for history, it was made by those few the “order of nature” designated to rule – always men of social standing, usually wealthy – the natural elite.

The Bible challenged all this and revealed the dignity of the common man. To a society that privileged wealth and status, a society that disdained workers and mothers and children and common folk, the Bible taught dignity and liberty for mankind, a concept virtually unknown to the ancient world.

The Bible gave us the idea of a state ruled by men, not pagan gods.  It gave us the distinction between church and state.  It gave us equality between men and women and much, much more.  Those ideas can be found in the Declaration of Independence which proclaims that “all men are created equal,” that we are endowed by our Creator with “unalienable” rights.  It is in our Constitution which separates powers among offices and stations to ensure the common man can rule.  America as we know it and love it is the product of the Bible and now that biblical inheritance is under siege.

The educated elite know best, just ask them, and they are not afraid to use their power.  If the Big Tech oligarchs decide that reporting on Hunter Biden is too dangerous to their interests, they simply erase the story from the public square.  If they decide questioning Fauci is too threatening to their priorities, they prevent it by their own fiat. 

If a former president poses too much trouble to their plans, they raid his home and threaten jail.  If too many Americans complain online, they create a Disinformation Board to shut them down.  Disagreement with their goals is called “violence” and dissent is called “insurrection.” 

They will decide what speech is acceptable; which religious beliefs may be acted upon, and how; what is true and what is false; what is fact and what constitutes “disinformation.” 

They control the commanding heights of American culture – the media, the entertainment industry, major corporations, academia and government. They seek to marshal their combined cultural power against those who disagree. 

They seek to shame us, to isolate us, to silence us, to protect their power.  And they can succeed but only if we allow it. They do not understand the deep strength of the American people, because they only see deplorables who must be reeducated.

Race and class do not define all that we are.  Society is not an unending struggle for power and domination.  And America is not structurally defective.  America is the best and freest nation in the history of the world and it is thus largely because of the biblical revolution that made us what we are.

So, let us count the cost, and take our stand.  For when we do, we shall turn the tide.

You can read U.S. Senator Josh Hawley’s speech, The Left’s War on History Is Really a War on The God of The Bible, at the National Conservative Conference, in full at the link provided. American Was Founded on Christian Values by Franklin County Patriots.

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